Treatment throat unusual way

Cognac, honey and Chinese cunning.

Лікування горла нестандартним способом

Neither time of year is not complete without a light (if you’re lucky) a cold. Red throat, hoarse voice, eternal scarf around your neck and a warm tea, which is already beginning to cause irritation. Want to get rid of all this and even tricky ways? From cognac to radish: here are a few tested recipes that will save you from a sore throat once and for all, informs Rus.Media.

Chinese trick: tincture of cloves

Two tablespoons of dry cloves are filled with cold water and infused for three days. No need to make the flood, the water level should slightly cover the spice. On the third day the glass will have dark brown solution: dilute it with warm water in a ratio of 1/1 and gargle. The Chinese say, a few days will be enough.

French frills: brandy and anise

To be honest, more like a recipe for making absinthe, but from the throat will also help. Approximately 150 grams of anise seeds poured two cups of cold water and boiled for 15 minutes. Now add a quarter tablespoon of honey, bring to boil and pour a spoonful of brandy. You can have two. Or three, if the throat really hurts. A spoon of this miracle cure you need to drink before meals for half an hour.

Greek fire: sea salt and olive oil

Perhaps one of the most unpleasant ways to get rid of a sore throat. Teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in a glass of water, then here are added two drops of iodine. Gargle – it was the first part of the operation. Rinsed? Great, now take it in your mouth a tablespoon of olive oil and rinse so that it became liquid. Try to curb the gag reflex, otherwise everything will go down the drain. Iodine sea salt has on the throat a disinfectant effect, but olive oil will soften the irritation.

Russian method: radico with honey

Take black radish, cut the top small hole and pour honey. Day honey will be absorbed and radish will give bright juice. This mixture (note – the taste is really vile) you must drink one tablespoon 4 times a day. How many suffer? Weeks will be enough.

Mexican standoff: Cayenne pepper and mint

Half a tablespoon of chili, pour a glass of boiling water and add to the mixture chopped 1/8 onion, a few mint leaves and a leaf of Echinacea. The resulting solution can be at least enemies from the walls of the besieged city to pour, though the throat to heal.

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