TOP 10 films that blow your mind

Get ready, your head will boil like a kettle in the kitchen.

ТОП-10 фільмів, які підривають мозок

You are not a fan of stupid American and domestic movies. You don’t like just to look at the changing pictures. Do you love interesting movies with a gripping storyline – then this collection is for you. Collected here are ten movies that will make you think, analyze and worry together with the characters of the films. Get ready, your head will boil like a kettle in the kitchen, informs Rus.Media.

Donnie Darko

A young man, Donnie Darko, strange things happen: he wakes up on a Golf course, then smash with the axe of the pipe to the school, set fire to the house of a local activist. Acquainted with a man in a rabbit costume named Frank, Donnie finds out that in less than a month come to an end, and his room in the house falling wreckage. But the most interesting happens on the night of Halloween.

Trap Farm

Movie heroes have to solve the most difficult and dangerous mystery of their lives. Using your mathematical and analytical skills, they must unravel a complicated puzzle and name the killer. And to speed up the thought process, the walls of the house, which is locked, four people, slowly begin to shift. The farther away from the solution, the closer to his own death.


Eight candidates. One vacancy for the position of Manager at a large pharmaceutical company. Each only have a few hours to answer a single question. But the problem is that on the sheet with the job question is no. To find it and get the desired place in the Corporation, the candidates are ready for everything: lies, betrayal and even murder.

Shutter island

Two police officers arrive at the former military base, now a prison-hospital for the insane criminals, on the Isle of Shutter. Their task is to find the missing Rachel Solando criminal who killed her own children. During the investigation they learn that on prisoners experiments on the change of consciousness, and in prison is a criminal, who killed the wife of one of the investigators. But in fact, investigators are who they say they are?


Illusionist two were close friends until the moment when by mistake one of them killed the wife of another. Now they are sworn enemies, and to ferret out the secrets of each other, they will not stop before anything. But there’s a trick, “the transported man”, which is the one other magician can not understand and it gives him peace.


The protagonist of tape, Dominique is a talented thief. He specializes in the theft of dreams, or rather the ideas which come to people while sleeping. Using the technology of immersion in the dream of another person, he easily penetrates into the depth of the human psyche. But one day he had to act the exact opposite. Now his mission is to introduce into the subconscious of the victim the idea of the collapse of the Empire of his father.


How many of you will not be able to sleep? The character Trevor was able to hold out for a year. However, now it is more like a walking skeleton and can’t distinguish reality from fiction. Another feature of Trevor is that he’s always trying something to get clean. Throughout the film it becomes clear that he feels guilty for his cowardice. This feeling gives him peace for a year. Or hero will receive forgiveness and will be able to sleep?

13th floor

Interesting attraction – a virtual climb into the soul of another person and become them. But a fun game turns into a real confusion when the main character is accused of a murder he did not commit. And the daughter of the murdered man he is a different person. Where reality and fiction? The hero can not understand, live it person or a computer model, where someone from the outside manages.

Mr. Nobody

An old man named Nemo (i.e. No) – a unique personality. He is the only living people who remained mortal. Interesting the journalist decides to interview unique people. Nemo tells the story of his life. He saw a lot, much felt. In the process of communication, the journalist notices that in the story there are obvious discrepancies. As if we are not talking about one life, but of several. But “all things are possible until a choice has been made”.


Each person is unique. So thought James and Simon while in the office where he worked, appeared exactly the same person with the same name. Young people are identical in appearance, but complete opposites inside. The hero of the picture-effacing and introverted, and its exact copy – a cheeky and charismatic type. Subsequently, the film’s protagonist notices that his double gradually took possession of life is quiet and tame Simon.

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