The star of the show “When we’re at home” said about plastic surgery

Kate Kisten shared as retains excellent physical shape.

Зірка серіалу "Коли ми вдома" розповіла про пластичні операції

September 24 at the STB TV channel will premiere the fifth season of the popular series “When we are at home”, informs Rus.Media.

Sarcastic and hilarious character she plays one of the most brilliant Actresses of Ukrainian cinema, Catherine Kisten. The actress told how he has good physical form and it refers to plastic surgery that is loved by many stars.

“I am well are the decorative changes of appearance and strongly against surgery. I don’t like to do what you cannot change. I need to have a chance to back out. Nature is not a fool. It properly distributes all of the concavity and convexity. And if you change something in yourself, some puzzles in your life then you can not develop. All symmetry or asymmetry in man for something given by nature. There are articulation exercises, which can replace surgical intervention. For some reason everyone thinks that the muscles of the body needs to be trained, person – no. After all, you need to move not only limbs, but also emotions. And surgery is scary. Now I’m against, and I hope that it will not suffer in life. While I understand that different situations,” – says Katya.

Katya admits that she had a different figure: “While dancing for 12 years, kept in shape, so remained thin. Quit dancing – recovered. For a long time I was like an accordion: it stretches, it shrinks. Now finally entered the mode and not recover. Calories don’t think, but never eat more than I do, in my opinion, it is – smiling actress. – More vegetables and dietary products, hearty Breakfast and very light dinner. Well, and regular exercise – every day I go to the gym. I love an active lifestyle. That’s why don’t buy a car – not spending a lot of time in a seated position.”

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