The situation is SOS — how to cope with the increased anxiety

With anxiety, in varying degrees, faced each of us. How to distinguish an adequate from unreasonable anxiety? How to cope with the increased anxiety? Tell in the material.

Ситуація SOS — як впоратися з підвищеною тривожністю

Anxiety is a human tendency to strong feelings for minor reasons, informs Rus.Media.

Fear and anxiety

First of all, understand what anxiety is different from fear. Anxiety is a vague feeling about future events. A situation when the result is uncertain (a trip to the registry office, filing of documents, etc.) that cause anxiety.

While fear is a strong fear or fear and the main reason of anxiety.

Both States are considered to be the natural emotional process.

The reasons for increased anxiety

If social anxiety is a large crowd of people.

When public anxiety – the fear of being in awkward situations (focuses on the possible trouble that could happen).

Existential anxiety – the fear of death and fear that life is in vain.

Alarm that appears when you choose fear before making a definite decision.

Post-traumatic anxiety – causeless anxiety, after suffering psychological trauma.

Often anxiety raise us parents. They tell us that life is full of dangers and the world is dark and cruel. And if the fears of the surroundings in childhood protects us, for an adult it can turn into a real problem.

Causes of anxiety can be constant lack of sleep, stressful job, and even hormonal problems.

Sometimes the increased level of anxiety can be a symptom of medical or psychiatric diseases and conditions, including schizophrenia and manic-depressive psychosis.

Manifestations of excessive anxiety include:

  • fears, anxiety and anxiety in safe situations;
  • low self-esteem;
  • increased experience for the family;
  • sensitivity to his own failures;
  • the lack of interest in unfamiliar activities;
  • neurotic habits (biting nails, sucking fingers, etc.).

These actions help the person to remove emotional stress.

Irritable behavior, rudeness towards others. Or apathy and indifference.

Anxiety in adults and children may be accompanied by headache, palpitations, decreased appetite, deterioration in the quality of sleep.

How to cope with the increased anxiety

If anxiety is bothering the person and prevents to live – you should immediately contact a specialist (psychologist or psychiatrist), because this reaction can be a symptom of a somatic or mental diseases.

The most effective treatments:

  • drug therapy;
  • behavioral treatment;
  • cognitive therapy.

These treatments will help to cope with anxiety, to understand its causes.

In any case, if anxiety is so strong or frequent, what prevents to live a full life, it is imperative to consult a doctor (internist, neurologist, psychiatrist), or at least to a psychologist.

The reasons can be many. And treatment should be aimed at addressing the causes rather than masking symptoms.

If it is hormonal problems, what’s the point to drink tranquilizers, if you can just concentrate on your health, restore hormonal background and in one fell swoop to get rid of a whole heap of problems? If the reason is a busy schedule, stressful environment, constant lack of sleep, you need to first establish their lives, and not to drink Valerian. But if the doctor decides that you need tranquilizers. Then there are two options: or to trust the doctor or not, looking for another doctor, and make a decision based on two views.

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