The nitrates in vegetables can visually identify, without special considerations

Pesticides – harmful and horrible shit, no doubt about that. But they simplify and reduce the cost of production of vegetables and fruits, so many manufacturers are reluctant to use them.

Нітрати в овочах можна визначити візуально, без спеціальних аналізів

Meanwhile, the vegetables, which contain large amounts of harmful fertilizers, can cause severe poisoning. Pesticides are dangerous to life, not only in the short term, but in the long run. They accumulate in our body, gradually poisoning him and undermining the immune system, informs Rus.Media.

In addition to pesticides, vegetables can contain nitrates – fertilizers, obtained by using nitric acid. They can also have a detrimental effect on health and cause poisoning.

To avoid getting pesticides into the body, it is necessary to carefully choose the fruits and vegetables, preferring pure products. Of course, if you harvest in your garden, then this guarantees absence of harmful substances in vegetables, but many of us have to go to the store. From pesticides to protect themselves if to follow safety rules.

General guidelines

What grows in our gardens without much fertilizer – that does not look like the glossy picture. Under natural conditions the vegetables are not very bright and smooth and grow to giant size. Carrots might branch, and beets – have bumps and not be perfectly round. The apples are cut and the stains. Therefore:

  • When buying, you should avoid unnaturally large and even vegetables.
  • Do not buy vegetables too bright colors, with thick leaves.
  • Vegetables and fruits should smell. At least weak. Vegetables and fruit that does not smell – processed “chemistry”.
  • Better to buy local, seasonal products. Vegetables grown near your city, don’t need strong chemical treatment in order to survive the transportation and long storage. And to collect them more Mature.
  • Be sure to ask the seller to show the documents for the products, which should be written, where they grow fruits and vegetables, they are picked and how many are on the counter. This will help to avoid buying imported strawberries.
  • When choosing between vegetables of different manufacturers, for example, in the supermarket, weigh approximately equal to the size of the fruits on the palm and take the one that is heavier. It has less chemistry.


This vegetable is very well absorbs harmful substances, so it is best to buy potatoes from known to you that are not on the road garden. If I had to choose a potato at the store, you need to pierce with your fingernail peel: you’ll hear a resounding crunch – all right, potatoes are free of pesticides.


It should not be strange spots. Better yet, choose the carrots that are less bright and not very big. Carrots-oversized – 100 percent grown on chemical fertilizers.


The right tomatoes should be thin skin, plastic hard tomato is better not to take. Even in the context of the need to look at the stem: it should be small, and the pulp should be white veins is also a symptom of the use of nitrates.


Cabbage grown without harmful fertilizers, distinguish thin sheets and an even tone. There should be no dark spots (it’s a fungus that loves to stay pesticide on the cob).


If you buy cucumbers not in season, they are certainly treated with paraffin. These cucumbers need to be cleaned. If the cucumber no seeds, it is not suitable to eat, there are a lot of harmful substances. You should also pay attention to the tail of a cucumber – it has to be elastic. If the cucumber is soft, too, it is better not to buy it.


One of the nitrate of fruits, especially those different imported apples. They definitely need to be cleaned. Keep in mind that without chemical treatment the apples stored in the basement until February, so buying apples in the spring – be careful.

Simple check: Apple pour on boiling water if the surface appears oil film, the Apple treated with paraffin with the addition of harmful substances.


Pumpkin has a high content of pesticides betray themselves unequal fibrous bands on the skin.

How to get rid of pesticides and other harmful substances

Fully – will not work. But the basic steps can be done at home.

  • Vegetables and fruits need be washed thoroughly. Even with soap and water. They are often treated with wax with harmful fungicides. Unfortunately, only wash the problem of pesticides will not solve the fact that harmful substances are absorbed into the vegetable.
  • To cut the skin more thickly. Many root crops, and other vegetables and fruits harmful substances accumulate under the skin.
  • Expose vegetables to heat treatment. Unfortunately, cold canning methods don’t work here, so the cabbage for pickling need to choose carefully.
  • To free fruits and vegetables from pesticides, the need to lower the fruit in a weak solution of vinegar and warm water, leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse well. It also helps the salt solution.
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