The mask on the bench: Tesla decided to put the famous engineer

Now waiting for a millionaire

Маска на нары: Tesla решила засадить известного инженера

It became known that the owners of Tesla shares filed a lawsuit in Federal court in San Francisco against Elon musk because of his tweet about how he wants to transform the company from public to private.

The shareholders accuse the Mask of fraud and manipulation of stock, according to Bloomberg.

Маска на нары: Tesla решила засадить известного инженера

“The statement of Mask that he has secured financing, has been particularly significant and has caused significant movement in the market. Since Musk has not provided the funding and gave the market the false and misleading information, the sellers of Tesla stock were forced to cover their positions by purchasing shares at artificially inflated prices after 12:48 PM August 7, 2018. Obviously, all purchasers of the securities of Tesla also suffered”, – said in the appeal, the shareholder Kalman Isaacs.

In addition, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission is considering whether Musk intends to make Tesla the company public.

Маска на нары: Tesla решила засадить известного инженера

By the way, the President Oleninskaya district of Tver region, member of the ruling party “United Russia” Oleg Dubov inaugurated a road lantern in the village of Holmets.

This was announced on the social network Twitter blogger “Crimean banderovets”.

Маска на нары: Tesla решила засадить известного инженера

Russian media noted that night lighting district lost another long enough with the same policies in the city management. Now, however, because of citizens ‘ complaints to various authorities he is forced to open in the villages low-power backlight on the program of local initiatives.

By the way, the lantern, as it turned out, illuminating the uninhabited house, and at the request of local residents outweigh the lantern near the bus stop, two shops and a school, Oleg Dubov responded that “it is not the matter of the mind”.

In addition, the head of the district expressed obscenely to the question about the cost of lamps.

We will remind, it became known that the Board of Directors of Tesla there is no accurate information about where Musk got the funding for the purchase of shares of the company. However, as reported by Reuters, citing unnamed sources, despite the fact that there were several meetings to discuss the question of the detailed financial plan of the Council until the Mask is not received.

As reported Znayu eve billionaire Elon Musk has made a loud statement about what is going to buy Tesla stock and make the company private, also to dissolve stock investors. However, the news only caused the company’s stock price to go up. Reports Politeka.

Also Znayu wrote that the Ukrainian bookmakers have opened betting on the fact, will announce whether Svyatoslav Vakarchuk that goes to the President. Many believe that the leader of the group “Okean Elzy” can announce its decision on the traditional big concert on the independence Day of Ukraine on August 24.

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