The man landed near the house 6000 oak trees. And here’s why!

There is a love that will not separate even death.

Чоловік висадив біля будинку 6000 дубів. І ось навіщо!

We all know that in the Catholic Church the priest says to the newlyweds phrase: “till death do you part”. Maybe it’s just a tradition, empty words. Moreover, in recent years, people too often have to leave. But there is a love that will not separate even death, informs Rus.Media.

The British Winston and Janet Howse in the distant 1962, was only seventeen years old when they decided to get married. They were young, but were confident that their feelings will never cool down that they would never part. Because their love is stronger than anything in the world.

And do they, say, lived in perfect harmony. The birth of a son only strengthened their relationship. The family settled on a beautiful farm in Gloucestershire, near his native village Janet.

Чоловік висадив біля будинку 6000 дубів. І ось навіщо!

Life was going. Winston worked on the farm, Janet was engaged in the education of his son. The neighbors told me that it was a family from which to take example. Never they never heard in their house at least one of the spouses had to raise his voice. Everything seemed perfect, like a fairy tale. The son grew up and began to help his father on the farm.

But, alas, fate was very cruel to them. Everything changed after thirty-three years after the wedding. Janet became very sick. The doctors fought for her life. Winston didn’t move from the bed. However, to save the woman failed. Janet burned very quickly and she was gone. It seemed to Winston’s life is over. How to live he had no idea. Probably, if not for the support of his son, who suffered no less, of Winston died of grief.

Чоловік висадив біля будинку 6000 дубів. І ось навіщо!

Almost immediately after the funeral he began to work on the farm even more. Soon the neighbors noticed that the widower was courting a rather large area and began to plant oak trees on it. People thought Winston was a little crazy. But stop, of course, of the unfortunate men no one. Everyone saw that it is very difficult, and it distracted him from sad thoughts. Only Winston put about six thousand trees.

Чоловік висадив біля будинку 6000 дубів. І ось навіщо!

Twenty years have passed. The forest grew. But his true purpose so you could have to remain anonymous to everyone, if not one of the neighbors of Winston. That was the balloon. One day he decided to climb into the sky not far from the farm Howse. When he looked at the farm from a bird’s flight, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Beneath it was a real work of art. The oaks were planted so that the space between them forming a huge heart. Moreover, this entire “heart” of the space was filled with daffodils.

It turned out that he had gone mad. Every day he reminisced about his beloved Janet, when planted trees. Yes, she died and her husband urei will never see it. But it is certain that the soul of his wife now in heaven. Janet looks at him from there. And sees the heart. He hopes that this gift the wife liked.

His love is greater than life and more than death. She also boundless as the universe. By the way, this tip of the heart points in the direction of the village where she was born Janet.

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