Someone else’s happiness

Who is viciously jealous of other people’s happiness – let him receive. Along with everything else, of course.

Чуже щастя

Someone else’s happiness

Jealous of the success of the athlete – let get success. And torn ligaments, aching spine, and continuous training from morning to evening, informs Rus.Media.

Get up from the comfortable sofa and run or fight! Now! Otherwise you will lose the happiness and the audience will turn on you.

Jealous girlfriend, get along with her illness and her children’s suffering. Toxic mother that she was. Beatings. Images. And serious illness, which her waiting – now is your disease. Along with the house and position of a friend.

Get happiness great actor! And his depression in the kit. And the loss of a child – Ah, envious forgot that the actor had such experience.

And happiness policy get. Along with anxieties, fears, attacks against the life and persecution.

All can only be obtained in complete, dear envious. People just do not talk about their problems.

The envious person does not know the circumstances of someone else’s life. And no one knows how long he will live. So that you can still and your age to shorten really, getting someone else’s happiness. A hundred times had to think about it before saying: Oh, you’re good! Give me your happiness!

Someone else’s happiness, as someone else’s shoes. Beautiful and shiny. Three sizes smaller. Put on and are envious of our shoes only to remove but could not. The jewels themselves have a destiny. Themselves have complained and compared. So let take! And don’t cry later. And if crying is not pathetic. The jewels themselves our cross

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