Scientists have called the most disgusting smells in the world

Based on research scientists, scientific portal, Science Alert has compiled a list of the five most disgusting smells in the world.

Вчені назвали найбільш огидні запахи в світі

First in the ranking was the smell of hydrogen sulfide, which emit rotten eggs and uranium, informs Rus.Media.

Second place went to an exotic fruit called durian. It contains 44 active aromatic compounds and because of this are able to identify a variety of odors from caramel to rotten eggs.

The top three were also the flower of Rafflesia arnoldii – she lures to her insects with the smell of rotten fish.

In fourth place is the most smelly French cheese Vieux Boulogne.

Closes rating small anteater. As it turned out, the smell that keeps predators, at times stronger “flavor” of a skunk.

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