Rimma zyubina advised the journalists of TSN, speaking out against Oksana Marchenko, carefully review their “products”

Ukrainian actress commented on the situation

Римма Зюбина посоветовала журналистам "ТСН", выступившим против Оксаны Марченко, внимательно пересмотреть свою "продукцию"

“Your news has long turned into a chronicle of crime, except intimidation and depression they carry nothing. And I’ve watched each night 19:30 because you were number 1”. Commented on Facebook “petition” group “TSN” channel guide against the participation of Oksana Marchenko show “dancing with the stars” Ukrainian actress and social activist Rimma zyubina.

“Kulturologicheskie program that you aired no earlier than 2 nights out of your mesh. In the morning program I was recently told that “talking about Sentsov is not desirable because the conditions dictated by the sponsor — the coffee company… For the channel has long been a sponsor more People”, — stressed zyubina.

Journalists who, while on vacation, continue to put their signatures to a “petition” to “TSN” to the guide channel, the actress was advised to carefully review what the past week shows “TCH”.

“And do you’ll be “not one”, and in company with entertainment, murder, investigation, intimidation and bad taste. Remember how happy and proud she was in 2004. But the year is wrong, and you are not the same…”, — says Rimma zyubina.

We will remind, the situation with the participation of Oksana Marchenko in the project commented General Director of “1+1 media” Alexander Tkachenko.

“We have repeatedly stated that the work of information services in “1+1 media” built solely on the principles of editorial freedom and impartiality. Journalists have the right to Express their opinions, including about the decisions the channel. However, I would like to note that in the project “Dances with stars z” involving the brightest stars of the Ukrainian show-business, regardless of their political views and beliefs. As the results of the studies, among those whom it would be interesting to see the audience on the floor – including, and Oksana Marchenko. Sure, among the 14 pairs of participants everyone will be able to find favorites”, – stated in the press service of the TV channel statement.

August 10, on his page on Instagram, Oksana Marchenko took the challenge #танціззіркамиchallenge from Lesya Nikityuk and passed the baton to singer Pavlo Zibrov.

“Friends, although at scho hi, I versile take part in the new season @tanci1plus1 @1plus1_ua. And that, bezperechno, I’ll primay call #танціззіркамиchallenge from @lesia_nikituk,” — said the media personality and has also uploaded a video of their own dance composition.

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