Raspberry buckets

Do not forget about pruning the bushes and fertilizing the raspberries.

Малина відрами

The plot 10×2,5 m, we collected 8 buckets of raspberries, which is much more than collect neighbors. To harvest each Bush spent 30-40 minutes. Even had to make a small stool to make it easier to sit so long in one place, informs Rus.Media.

Raspberry bushes planted at the spacing in the row 70 cm apart between rows – 2.5 m. they Grow on a special bed with a width of 70 cm Bed enclosed by pieces of slate, height of fence – 20 cm deep in the garden also 20 cm Along the beds made cushions out of the ground. Raspberry growing in a hollow, it can be watered and fed.

In the spring the bed covered with manure, straw, compost, fertilize raspberries with urea and ash. Through this layer of mulch does not break through any weeds or growth. The mulch protects the raspberries from trampling, and at the same time, it is like a blanket. Raspberries growing under a warm shelter, starting to gather 7-10 days earlier than the neighbors. All this gives a significant yield increase. Especially important third crop of raspberries, what I want to tell you a little bit more.

The first time I pruned the raspberries may 25 – June 5. At this time remove all the young (green) shoots a 5 cm After that, the growth of the shoots ceases. A few days in the axils of the leaves, appear the suckers. They grow 3-5 more lateral shoots longer than 35 cm as a result of trimming raspberry I short.

Spend a second crop after the last harvest. Cut all the shoots that have otplodonosivshih and less developed. In the Bush leave 4-5 shoots that were exposed to the first spring pruning. The result is nutrients come in left shoots of substitution. After such pruning the Bush becomes transparent. This leads to the advanced tab of fruit buds. Shoots of substitution receive more solar energy. Already 7-10 days after cutting the shoots left replacement turn pink-brown.

The number of 20-29 August spend a third pruning 3-5 shoots growing from laterals. Cut 15-20 cm from the top. Cropping land in the shade and get a great brew for tea. That gives a third crop? These shoots, if they are not cut, go into the winter not visani, and the use of them will not – they freeze. The root system would have supplied them with food and moisture, and after their removal of nutrients can go for shoots of substitution, bookmark fruit buds remain on the branches of the laterals. So I get a great crop of raspberries without much effort.

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