Pumpkin jam normalizes metabolism

It can be consumed with tea, or to use against cellulite and extra inches.

Варення з гарбуза нормалізує обмін речовин

It is hard to overestimate the benefits of pumpkin for the human body, and it restores metabolism, and positively affects the gastrointestinal tract, and cells gives good nutrition. But that’s not all, one of its main advantages is preventing the development of obesity and normalization of weight, informs Rus.Media.

The latter is possible due to the great content of vitamin T, which helps in better assimilation of “heavy” food and prompt removal of its residues from the body. Another important point is that a pumpkin, like almost all vegetables, is low in calories, the fat content in it is negligible, which makes it “ally” in the fight against excess weight. It is possible to cook porridge, pancakes, pies, cakes, mashed potatoes, pumpkin jam for weight loss, besides it has a wonderful flavor baked, pickled and even raw.

For making jam from pumpkins, you will need:

  • Pumpkin – 200-300 g of purified pulp;
  • Orange – 2 PCs. medium size;
  • Lemon – 1 PC. medium size;
  • Sugar (better brown) – small amount (you have to put so much that it was slightly sweet and pleasant to the taste).

For starters, pumpkin, oranges and lemon thoroughly washed. Pumpkin peeled and cut into medium cubes, lemon and oranges, too, cut into small cubes straight from the peel. All mix, add sugar and stir again. Now, put the mixture on small fire and cook for about 10 minutes. Then remove from the heat and stand for an hour. After that, again boil, but for the past 5-7 minutes and then stand for an hour. After all these procedures decompose the resulting jam in prosterity jars and close with lids. This jam you can use inside (it is extremely rich in vitamins, which break down fats), and outside (to get rid of cellulite and extra inches).

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