Options use lemons in the home on which you did not know

Few people know that lemon can be used in solving many everyday problems.

Варіанти використання лимона в побуті про які ви не знали

The benefits of lemon for immunity all know from early childhood. But few know that it can be used in solving many everyday problems. We offer ways to use lemons in everyday life, informs Rus.Media.

11 ways to use lemons in the home

11. Favorite cutting Board soaked with smells? This is not surprising, especially if you love to cook fish, onions, garlic or other fragrant foods. To get rid of unpleasant smells and extend the life of this kitchen item helps a half of a lemon. Just thoroughly wipe the Board and all smells will disappear.

10. Not many people know that lemon juice has disinfectant and antibacterial properties. Because of lemon can be good to wash vegetables and fruits, and a nice bonus is a delicate flavor of lemon. For this method you will need a bottle with sprayer: pour freshly squeezed lemon juice in a container and spray on vegetables.

9. One of the biggest mysteries of cooking are salad leaves. How to use it in recipes? Take lettuce leaves and put them in a bowl with cold water, then press out the juice of half a lemon. Put it in the fridge, after an hour, take out and dry.

8. Have you ever tried to freshen breath using lemon juice? For this fit as freshly squeezed lemon juice, and the juice from the bottle. Please note that the juice in your mouth for a long time should not keep in order not to damage tooth enamel. Juice or need to drink (which will help extend the freshness of breath), or spit it out in a few minutes.

7. Many Housewives in winter are hung in the rooms of oranges, from which protrude sprigs of cloves.In this way it is possible to make and air freshener for wardrobe. Just insert cloves covered with a peel of lemon and send it in the wardrobe. The lemon will eventually dry, leaving a delicate and pleasant fragrance.

6.You are not satisfied with gray aluminum items and elements in your kitchen? Add interior Shine by using half a lemon.

5. To get rid of stains on clothing will help one Cup of lemon juice, which you pour into the washing machine during washing. Things will become a pleasant scent and won’t stain and the scent. For large spots suitable soda combined with lemon juice in a 50/50 ratio. In this case apply the solution on the stain before washing.

4. In addition to the disinfectant properties, lemon works wonders in cleaning rough surfaces. After grating cheese (and other sticky foods) on the kitchen grater is the plaque to get rid of that will also help the lemon.

3. Lemon will be a great help in cleaning baths. Mixing lemon juice with vinegar and water, you create the perfect gun to fight with water bloom, lime spots and soap scum residues.

2. An incredibly effective lemon shows itself in cosmetology. Pre-soaking a cotton pad with lemon juice, apply it to the redness or Primo. In any case, you should pay attention to the fact that lemon juice is not advisable to apply on the injured skin.

1. It is known that many insects are very sensitive to sharp smells. Sprinkle a little lemon juice in corners, crevices and along window sills, you can be sure that you will not be disturbed spiders, ants, fleas and even cockroaches. For greater certainty, you can add the juice of the fruit into the water, which is going to MOP the floor.

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