Men kissing: Putin’s priest blessed sinner clip Loboda

According to the priest, in the clip from the first minute in front of the audience there are cadres of corruption

Мужики целуются: путинский священник освятил грешный клип Лободы

Russian the priest-blogger Svyatoslav Shevchenko reacted sharply to the “solidarity” clip famous Ukrainian superdance Svetlana Loboda “SuperSTAR”.

This priest said in a video on his YouTube channel “the Priest on YouTube”.

“From the first minute appear in front of the audience shots of debauchery: naked lady in underwear, then the old man who gropes a woman and undressing her. Next we see the big frame as some kind of girl simulates Masturbation. Do you think that such children can watch?” — he stressed.

Also pissed him off a scene where “two men in deck chairs openly kiss”.

Мужики целуются: путинский священник освятил грешный клип Лободы

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, is very actively engaged in your account in Instagram.

So, the celebrity showed footage from a recent photo shoot, where posing in a very unusual manner and with the basketball. Fans of the same white shorts reminded pants large. For 19 hours a series of images gathered almost 110 thousand likes.

It is worth Recalling, Svetlana Loboda, which often toured in Russia, posted a strange photo from a holiday in Turkey. Appropriate the singer has published in his Instagram.

Svetlana Loboda posing against the backdrop of a luxury hotel. The star wore the striped shorts and striped top. At the head of the singer a big hat, and in his hands the keys to the room. Subscribers Loboda immediately began to admire her gorgeous figure after giving birth.

Svetlana is very active in your account in Instagram. Recently, the artist has shown a very provocative picture, which embraces the Russian showman and comedian Alexander Revva, also known as Arthur Pirozhkov. It is worth noting that the artist has a loving wife and two children.

Recall, appearance “katuysha” Loboda angered fans.

As reported Znayu became known, where Loboda put my daughter.

Also Znayu wrote, Loboda latched on to a married man.

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