Kirkorov shocked fans with a controversial talent: video

The singer impressed her fans with the release of new mini-series

Киркоров шокировал поклонников неоднозначным талантом: видео

Philip decided to publish the following series of the sequel of “angelic nature”. Note that the first series was a success with fans.

This is reported by the media.

In the next series, he turned to the hotel receptionist, as he did not bring lunch.

In response to a complaint by a member of staff invited the singer to chew nuts. After that he was talking to, most likely, with his mentor, who said that suppression of anger is the first step to enlightenment.

In a post for publication, Kirkorov wrote that publication is designed for it Hayter, from which the artist is waiting for critical reviews:

“All for you, my dear are a hater! Well, go ahead! I expect you, anonymous angry kitties!”.




However, such was not. Members in one voice said that the contractor has a talent for acting, since everything is very realistic. Also wrote a lot of reviews of talent and, of course, most of the filming.

Before it was reported that Olga Buzova hotel in Anapa, invited the king of pop to date. According to the artist, she sang of the birds, in the same hotel and Kirkorov. Buzova said I’d meet him at concert or her or it, either in the room but the right choice has provided to the contractor.

However, it should be noted that the Russian pop singer Philip Kirkorov again appeared in the center of the scandal, not a little fired up followers on Instagram.

Russian pop star Kirkorov once again proved that “the king of pop” he would remain a “priest”, and, instead of a head. Indeed, in recent years it is increasingly confirmed the reputation of the rowdy Russian show-business. And these scandals are becoming more vulgar.

This time Kirkorov decided not particularly bother and just send everyone to familiar to every Russian place that will allow two benefits – and have some fun “pure pas Russian”, and your Instagram to unwind.

Киркоров шокировал поклонников неоднозначным талантом: видео

So, 51-year-old Philip has published in his microblog a picture taken on holiday in Sardinia. In the picture the artist posing with the producer Yana Rudkovskaya and another friend.

The publication caused special attention of followers, who criticized the outfits of celebrities from Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. Users have called these the fashionable “Luke” funny, “cock”, “clown” and “the farm”. According to commentators, the real celebrities and the rich in developed countries to dress modestly and quietly, and flaunt expensive and unusual clothing, only “suckers” and “vypendritsya”.

Olga Buzova and Kirkorov did not hide their relationship?

Recall the famous women who have no personal life.

As reported “Znayu” wife Mikhailov boasted the talents of her husband.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Lorak, Kirkorov and Leps staged a “funeral” for three.

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