Jackie Chan almost died due to the bad weather in China

Джеки Чан едва не погиб из-за непогоды в Китае

Hong Kong, Chinese and American actor, Director and martial arts master Jackie Chan with his team suffered due to the mudslide.

China’s ongoing film Project X, which was attended by Jackie Chan. However, the workflow was suspended due to unexpected mudflow.

On its official website, the actor spoke about how the team coped with the bad weather.

Джеки Чан едва не погиб из-за непогоды в Китае

Jackie Chan suffered because of bad weather in China

“Today we started filming on location. The weather suddenly changed, and our team caught in a huge mudslide! Some of our trucks got stuck in the river current dirt. Many of the crew got scared because it was so unexpected. Fortunately, some big truck came to our rescue and help to take our vehicles to a safe place.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all the people who came to help us. And also to apologize to all members of the crew, who were afraid of the landslide. Our team of producers will know about this experience; we will be more attentive to the weather conditions we will make every effort to protect our employees and provide them with absolutely safe working conditions. Thank you all for your hard work!” – written by Chan on the website.

Джеки Чан едва не погиб из-за непогоды в Китае

Jackie Chan suffered because of bad weather in China

Fans on social networks were shocked by the unexpected news. They sent a lot of messages Jackie Chan, in which are happy that all survived. In addition, fans asked his idol to protect himself.

“Oh, it’s more unhappiness, but it’s all good, and it’s important. God protects all of you”, “Thank God that all are safe now. I am very glad that there were those who volunteered to help. The world is not without kind people!”, “Do not scare us, Mr. Chan! Love Your work and think You are the greatest actor of all time. I like to keep track of your creative activities. Take care of yourself, Jackie!”, “I hope you’re all well. It is quite an ordeal for You and your team”, “I’m glad everything is in order and everyone safe. Can’t wait to see the final result. I’m sure this movie will be unreal like all the others with your participation!!!” comment the fans of the popular actor.

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