How to minimize the risk of accidents

Do not store on the dashboard stuff, and make sure the security system.

Як звести до мінімуму ризик ДТП

Most advice on survival in dangerous situations tell you about how to behave when meeting a bear in the woods or a shark in the sea. But according to statistics, the probability of such meetings remains minimal. At the same time the opportunity to get into an accident remains the most likely cause of injury, informs Rus.Media.

Don’t forget to fasten

Buttoned belt is one of the surest ways not to get hurt in the accident. Buckle up before you start moving. Only this habit can ensure relative safety in the event of a traffic accident. The top strap should pass through the center of the chest, and lower to encircle the pelvis.

Як звести до мінімуму ризик ДТП

Discard the old car

Cars began to compulsorily equipped with seat belts in the 1960-ies, but this does not mean that your retro car can guarantee the required security level. Requirements to safety of vehicles are rising annually and if you have to drive a car older than ten years, don’t drive so much.

Як звести до мінімуму ризик ДТП

Do not store on the dashboard stuff

Any item on the dashboard is not covered by the design of the car, in the event of an accident poses an additional threat. Therefore, flavorings, dog with a moving head left-right and other Souvenirs is better to remove the glove box.

Як звести до мінімуму ризик ДТП

Make sure the security

If the car has been in an accident, you should be sure that the airbags are in good condition and capable of work, if necessary. This can be done at any service center. Remember that the airbag is your chance to live on this earth a couple of decades.

Як звести до мінімуму ризик ДТП

Don’t lean on the handlebars when riding

In any school a safe ride primarily teach correct landing at the wheel. You must keep your back straight and arms slightly bent at the elbows. If you used to hang on the steering wheel, leaning forward, chances are to obtain broken ribs even with a small collision for you is 100 percent. Even the airbag will not be able to help, because the geometry of the shot is calculated on the driver with the correct fit.

Regular diagnostics of the car

Good technical condition of the car – a way to survive a crash, avoid it. Systematic check engine, brake system, gearbox and suspension may be lifesaving for you and your passengers.

Як звести до мінімуму ризик ДТП

Focus on what you do

Don’t talk while driving on the phone or use a headset, don’t mind exploring a map, eating a Burger or other activities that you can think of driving. The habit of focusing on the road can cause the increased security of your movement.

How to behave in an emergency?

Keep calm. If a crash is inevitable, it is necessary to quickly but gently respond. Vehicles of all types respond better to smooth the “taxiing” and smooth braking.

Understand what to do. You have to decide how to control and slow down to avoid or minimize damage from collision.

Here’s how to slow down. You need to understand how braking choose. Largely it depends on whether equipped with a brake system with anti-lock system or not. If not, a sharp blow on the brakes could disrupt the car into a skid. Therefore, you must make it a habit to slow down in small jerks. This technique will prevent a skid and stop the car a couple of meters before.

Step on the gas. In some situations, rapid acceleration is the only way to avoid a collision. But this requires an effort, because instinct says that you have to brake, then when you step on the gas.

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