Genes have failed? 7 most beautiful celebrity kids who are criticized for appearance

What it is: genes have failed or ugly ducklings will turn into beautiful swans?

Гени підвели? 7 дітей найкрасивіших знаменитостей, яких критикують за зовнішність

The heirs stars often like their famous moms and dads, than provoke emotion from fans. But not everyone is as lucky with the genes, and instead of rave reviews, the kids get contemptuous. What it is: genes have failed or ugly ducklings will turn into beautiful swans?

The Daughter Of Beyonce – Blue Ivy Carter

Baby blue ivy looks just like his father Jay Z, not her mother, the beautiful Beyonce. But some fans believe that the girl will grow up and bloom, informs Rus.Media.

Daughter Jennifer Lopez – Emma Meribel

Emma takes after her father, musician Marc Anthony, and, unfortunately, does not collect so many rave reviews under the photo as her peers.

Daughter Adam Sandler, Sadie Madison

Fans love Adam Sandler for his charisma and sense of humor. I hope these qualities are inherited by his daughter Sadie Madison. The girl with the early years include ratings of the ugly children of the stars. It would be great if she grows up and in your face detractors.

Son Uma Thurman – Levon Roan

Maybe for someone he is not handsome, but smile, agree, adorable.

Daughter of Bruce Willis – Tallulah, Scout and Rumer

Tallulah Willis told me that hated my body during adolescence, as it was not like the cover models. She believed the strangers more than relatives.

Son Christina Aguilera – Max Liron Bratman

Despite the ridicule, the boy is cheerful, sociable and does not give yourself hurt.

The daughter of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt Shiloh

Angelina and brad called the most beautiful couple in Hollywood when they were together. But the fruit of their love does not get honor from others to be considered beautiful. Perhaps the girl will grow up, change boyish attire and will change. And basically, let him do as he wants, spiteful critics are never satisfied!

Sure that these children will prove to everyone that you don’t have to be perfect to be happy.

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