Face filter: how Snapchat’s impact on health

The cause of the problem with the perception of your body and mental health is the filters and the whole program on smartphones photos.

Обличчя з фільтру: як Snapchat впливає на здоров&#039я

In JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, an article appeared, which the authors suggest that one reason for the problems with the perception of your body and mental health is the filters and the whole program on smartphones photo processing, informs Rus.Media.

Dismorphic disorder of the body is the state of mental health that is part of the obsessive-compulsive spectrum, in which a person becomes extremely concerned with imaginary defects in your body.

People with a similar problem can spend hours to consider minor or even non-existent flaws in their appearance, take care of themselves. Many of those who have been identified with this disorder, made unnecessary cosmetic surgery. This condition is inseparably linked with obsessive-compulsive disorder, deep depression, suicidal thoughts.

Experts are not yet able to find the exact cause dismorphia disorders of the body. They suggest that there are many factors including genetics and neurobiological problems, such as impaired processing of serotonin, the effect of environment, life experiences such as childhood trauma or personality traits.

However, scientists from the Boston medical center (Massachusetts, USA) as a result of a new study found another possible reason for the disorder – “self”.

In the article the authors emphasize the fact that the popularity of social networks and filters in applications such as Snapchat and Facetune, deeply affects the human psyche. The filtered image can affect self-esteem of the user, make you feel imperfect, which can lead to dysmorphia disorders of the body.

Scientists have conducted a survey which showed that 55% of plastic surgeons worked with patients who wanted to be like yourself of processed photos. Just 3 years ago, the proportion was 42%.

People who constantly impose the application of the mask on your photos, process them, gradually begin to lose touch with reality to think that people have to look perfect. These trends are particularly threatening to adolescents and people suffering from dismorphia disorder of the body.

Experts urge not to do plastic surgery for people with diagnosed dysmorphy disorder, as this will only exacerbate the symptoms. The best method of treatment involves cognitive behavioral therapy.

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