Buzova finally found a “man”: video

Fans Buzova figured her lover

Бузова наконец нашла себе "мужика": видео

The scandalous Russian singer and presenter Olga Buzova meets with his art Director Elmir.

Such rumors provoked a video posted by the star in Instagram. Fans of Olga are sure that a man “loves and adores” her.

Millions of fans follow the Instagram account of Olga Buzova, so every photo and video of the actress does not go unnoticed, and sometimes fans are able to see even what the singer is trying to hide: recently fans found her lover.

Бузова наконец нашла себе "мужика": видео

Buzova recently arrived in Anapa, to give a concert. Telediva immediately recorded a video for their fans upon arrival. It has intrigued followers of Olga. The footage you can see how the singer almost blows a strong wind, but the art Director Elmir holds it. Fans of socialite in relation to men to Buzova saw something “more”.

Бузова наконец нашла себе "мужика": видео

Subscribers Dovgy was wondering who actually Buzova has her companion, and is it true that she’s “not a man”. In the comments they wrote their assumptions:

“Olga, I think he adores you and loves. Pay attention to it. Millionaires will not be happy”

“Already find yourself a normal man and live with him. And then from one to another run, and left alone”

“Marry Buzova” it makes no sense to watch?”, wrote subscribers.

Бузова наконец нашла себе "мужика": видео

Recallthat Cyril Tereshin, better known as “hands-Bazooka” has repeatedly admitted his sympathy for the singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova. However, before he spoke rather sharply to her.

As previously reported portal “Znayu” now two years later after a scandalous divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. Today, the football player found a new wife, and his daughter was born, and His left one is filled with nothing.

Also, the portal “Znayu” reported that Buzova recently opened its first health food restaurant Buzfood right in the centre of Moscow. Now the artist is not going to stop to soon open another restaurant. The location of Olga keeps in secret and offers to guess the fans.

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