Anna Sedokova shot a parody of the hit Kirkorov – the friendship end?

Анна Седокова сняла пародию на хит Киркорова - дружбе конец?

Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova published online Comedy movie on the hit Philip Kirkorov “Ibiza”.

Anna Sedokova often pleases his fans with seductive pictures and funny videos. The girl loves to Express themselves, so on her page in Instagram , there are 4.5 million subscribers.

Анна Седокова сняла пародию на хит Киркорова - дружбе конец?

Anna Sedokova recorded a parody of the hit Philip Kirkorov

At the end of last month the king of Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov presented the new musical hit called Ibiza. The composition was rapidly gaining popularity, however, the video artist yet to release did not. In this case, Philip Bedrosovich decided to help Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who recently complained of loneliness.

On his official page in Instagram the star posted a Comedy video with a surprise ending. In the story, Anna in a sexy swimsuit trying to attract the attention of men, resting by the pool. Girl showing their shapes, writhing in the dance. Did she win the heart of a”victim”, look in the video.

When you thought this is it, finally ! But, something went wrong 😭😂😭 Thanks for the soundtrack of the summer #Ibiza : @nikolaibaskov and @fkirkorov 💋💋💋 He — Operator — @tru.tim Directed @aliaveripia @rp_groupru 🖤 Swimsuit from @lastory_store 😜 Special thanks @zharafest 💥 A post shared by ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) on Aug 8, 2018 at 5:05am PDT

Certificate of the artist

From early childhood Anna Sedokova studied music and dancing. In 6 years she became a member of the Ukrainian folk ensemble Svitanok. I graduated from secondary school with a gold medal and music school, piano class. After school he entered the Kiev national University of culture and arts on a speciality the Actor and television presenter, received a red diploma.

Along with studying Sedokova worked: at the age of 15 worked as a model, has been leading the club, she was then offered the post of leading the program O-TV Models on the music channel O-TV. Some time later Sedokova became the leading morning show the Rise on the New channel, and parallel to the led show, Bachelorette party radio Super-Nova.

Анна Седокова сняла пародию на хит Киркорова - дружбе конец?

Anna Sedokova showed a parody of the hit Kirkorov

In early 2000, Anna Sedokova took part in the casting of a new female pop group, which later received the name VIA Gra. But the casting, she did not pass due to age. At the time she was seventeen and producers found her too young for such a team. Only in early 2002, when the group was decided to turn the Duo into a trio of Anna joined the VIA gra.

See the video where Anna Sedokova admitted that he considers himself a bad mother:

We will remind, earlier in the Network actively discussing the news that the winner of the Russian Bachelor Dasha Klyukina openly talked about their shortcomings in appearance and complexes. All the details are already in our material.

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