5 tips for young mothers from grandmothers and doctors

Choose whose opinion to listen.

5 порад молодим мамам від бабусь і лікарів

Tip # 1

Our parents, and we, too, swaddled in a creepy rag so that the child could not move. The view grandmothers: so baby can’t hurt themselves, and his legs are straight and slender. However, do not agree with the doctors, considering this method is deprecated. They argue that without diapers the baby does not threaten kosolaposti, on the contrary, Tosca fabric can lead to developmental disorders of the hips, informs Rus.Media.

Tip # 2

Closed Windows, down duvets, wool blankets grandmother afraid of any draft. They believe that the baby should always be wrapped, otherwise he will catch a cold. Doctors say that overheating is as dangerous to the newborn as hypothermia. They suggest to keep the room temperature above 20 degrees.

Tip # 3

When the baby is crying and can not calm down, grandma suggest to give her something sweet. For example, obmaknut the pacifier in honey or jam. Doctors shocked: if the child has already begun teething, it is threatened by caries, and these foods can cause allergies.

Tip # 4

One of the first gifts from grandparents to the newborn is getting set to bed, with a nice soft pillow. But pediatricians generally advised to abandon it in the baby’s crib should contain nothing but a mattress and sheets, no pillows, blankets or toys, as this increases the possibility of accidental asphyxia. If the room is cold, just dress the child warmer.

Tip # 5

Grandmother believe that during sleep, the newborn must be absolute silence. Strollers they manage even in crowded parks to encourage citizens to order and to clear around the grandson of the space in the square mile. But, according to doctors, noise even helps children to sleep. They do not prevent the conversation my mom on the phone or the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

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