12 things that will convince you that Finland is not only a winter country

The Scandinavian country ready to receive visitors and in the summer, providing exciting activities for every taste.

12 речей, які переконають вас у тому, що Фінляндія не тільки зимова країна

There is a widespread belief that Finland is exclusively a winter. But this statement is true only partially. Of course, you can’t argue with the fact that the Scandinavian country is beautiful in winter when everything is white and you can really feel the season. But in Finland you can easily spend a summer vacation. And it will be no less interesting and memorable, reports Rus.Media.


A distinctive feature of any campaign in Finland there is a way of movement, you can choose Canoeing, Cycling or going on foot. Throughout the route you will unlock the beauty of Finnish nature. If you go Hiking in the Saimaa area, you have the opportunity to see one of the largest lakes in Europe.

In the campaign you can go for a short time, and camping, for example on the weekend. In addition, in accordance with the law, without detriment to the environment is allowed to pick berries and mushrooms that you find on your way. So you will have the opportunity not only to admire nature but also to taste the local dishes.


At first glance, this option may be suitable only for those who enjoy fishing. But it is not so, because in Finland fishing can be a lot of fun for everyone. Experienced people will be able to find beautiful places and the newcomers here will help experienced fishermen.

On lake Saimaa even organize special fishing tours, during which participants tell all the nuances of fishing and show you the best spots for fishing. And as in Finland, a good catch is guaranteed, you can either take it with you, or cook the fish on the spot and dine outdoors.


The rich water system in Finland you can admire, went to a small cruise. These outputs are organized on the rivers and lakes of the country. On the deck you can watch the beauty of nature, but if you want to eat or drink a Cup of coffee.

A fascinating cruise on lake Saimaa on the boat allows you to explore the largest lake in Finland: the vessel will be clearly visible green banks, coastal cliffs and rocky shoals. You can also go boating not on the boat and on a rented boat.

Quad bike safaris

Safari summer is a great opportunity to explore the Finnish nature and have fun. Safaris can be of various duration: from a few hours before leaving for the whole weekend. While skiing has a stop for a picnic. The peculiarity of such trips is the fact that each route is made in accordance with your wishes.

Inexperienced drivers or those who does not know how to drive, experience is not necessary, because before departure, provided a briefing after which everyone will know how to control the ATV. And a trip you’ll be escorted to a skilled person, ready to help in any situation.

The stand-up paddle classes

Sapserver is surfing “standing on the Board with a paddle.” In places the rent Board are available for the period from 1 hour to several days. In the kit you get very Board, paddle and life vest. If you have no experience in superfro, it is better to take a course where the instructor will talk about the techniques of rowing.

On this walk you can go by yourself, you can choose a tour guide for 2-3 hours. Also sapserv can be combined with fishing, because the Board is easy to swim out to fishing spots on the usual boat is not available.

Beach vacation

In Finland a large number of beaches located close to urban centers. They are “private” beaches that you may encounter if you rent a cottage at the lake. Of course, nobody can exclude the possibility of bathing on wild beaches. But they need to always be mindful of security and to monitor closely the bottom topography and depth.

Cultural and historical holidays

Some regions of Finland were inhabited 10,000 years ago. Historical findings said that people then were mainly involved in hunting and agriculture. The region of Lappeenranta and Imatra are referred to South Karelia, so in history you can experience during a route which provides for study of the 22 sites.

The region has preserved caves and the traces of life since the stone age. Also, there are many Holy places, churches and museums. In the list of places to visit included thresholds Imatrankoski, village jewels in Ylämaa and the top of Haukkavuori, climbing on which you can enjoy views of the region of Symi and the Saimaa canal.

Floating sauna

Any guest of the country has the opportunity not just to go to the Finnish sauna, but a sauna on the water. Such a structure is a steaming area of approximately 140 sq. m. And one of the largest lakes in Europe regularly departs from the dock one of the largest floating saunas throughout Finland.


Floating is swimming, which is available even to those who do not know how to swim. Special wetsuit acts as a float that keeps you on the water. Floating on the river will allow you to go with the flow and enjoy the surrounding views on the lake and it will just be a quiet holiday on the waves.


In a canoe trip in Finland can be sent by anyone, after all, the organizers offer a variety of difficulty level trails. For beginners, there are covered beach, for professionals – routes in channels and lakes. In this approach it is possible to sail alone, but to appreciate fully, it is recommended to take a guide.


Bicycles as means of transport are gaining popularity in so many countries, city authorities are trying to provide cyclists with all the necessary conditions. Finland is no exception. Cycling tourism is particularly developed in the border region of Lappeenranta and Imatra. The track is arranged as in the cities themselves and beyond them, therefore, it is possible to move safely on a Bicycle from one city to another.


The main task geocache find different boxes with small gifts. All things are hidden in the natural recesses of. For example, in the region of Lappeenranta and Imatra, there are about 1 500. All you need for this activity is the application with a map, on which are marked all the points.

We have found as many as 12 points in the proof that Finland is not only a sleigh, reindeer and snow. The Scandinavian country ready to receive visitors and in the summer, providing exciting activities for every taste. If you still have any doubts, it is summer vacation in Finland will become one of your favorites.

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