10 fatal mistakes on the first date, after which the man doesn’t call

Never allow these mistakes!

10 фатальних помилок на першому побаченні, після яких чоловік не подзвонить

Whether happened in your life that first date became the last one? Seems to be a good husband, fine talk, and he didn’t call – was gone.., informs Rus.Media.

On a date you can bring the orchestra’s own emotions. Or messed up the fake violin, or you have not used the full potential, and played on one drum. My husband does not like such cacophony! And the most insulting that the blame for this lies with you. It’s a goal into his own net.

Such emotional traps women themselves put themselves in them are as frivolous birds. And then wonder: why am I so men-no luck! You might be one of them? And how often do you wonder what kind of reaction can cause your emotions: intrigue, confuse, shock, anger? Imagine you’re on a date: I see that like the man, feel it almost in your hands, and… begin to behave unnaturally, trying to please him even more. At such moments, some women like to wriggle, to change the voice in funny or too loud – it seems that the husband loved it. But this is an awkward step right into a trap.

10 traps:

High expectations

You come on a date, sit and wait, when the husband begins to come entertain you. Expectantly looking at him: come on, tell me something interesting! And expect that he will be crazy about you – no wonder you’re in the cabin spent the afternoon!

What he sees: She looks like expects me to water-feed, to provide topics of conversation. But what she is doing in order to do that for her?

What happens: Your expectant look confused man, he decided that you’ve got everything planned…dtsat years ahead. High expectations when killed Napoleon – don’t let them hamper your personal life.

Excitement and shame

You pulled her hair, nervously folding napkin origami, stirred her tea with a spoon like a spoon has to dissolve. You have clamped, mouth is dry and my back is soaked. You remind me of a wet wooden doll.

What he sees: The red, pale, constantly hides his eyes – clearly not confident and will be shy of his body, repeating that she’s fat and ugly. In General, a loser who does not love himself. So she’ll leave that spoon alone or not?!

What happens: Your restraint you demonstrate low energy, their systems are placed below the plinth. Men do not like these.

Attention and concentration

You can’t keep your eyes off him, trying to catch every word. I want to show how carefully he listened as absorbed in the conversation. Your outside hardens, facial expressions numb, femininity… is disabled. “How smart is he? That is to say, in order not to appear stupid?”

What he sees: What about her? Like ukranskim say. Heh, how funny looks her open mouth, and I didn’t say anything. Probably, stupid…

What happens: Trying to show your interest, you stiffen with surprise on her face. From the outside it looks at least funny. And then my husband wonders what’s going on? Need to finish this conversation!

Internal severity

You have problems at work or with loved ones. And instead of enjoying the date, you musoles head in the negative. Between the eyebrows appeared a wrinkle, you’re trying to smile, but the corners of the mouth down, the head comes down like a wilting flower.

What he sees: In the head, she’s obviously not with me, I’m uninteresting to her. Maybe I did something wrong, so she bored? Maybe she’s always like this and I have to turn into an animator, to entertain-to entertain?

What happens: the Problems are cast on your face is a wax mask. A man may take it personally. Relax! And if not, better bring a date.


He didn’t pick, didn’t opened the door, ordered a coffee without asking – and you’re already nagging his mind: “So, I don’t understand, what was that?”

He sees he: No, not a Princess – a Queen! In this I will always be guilty without guilt: not standing, not breathing. Cappuccino, you know, ordered. If it’s not a Cup of coffee and a bucket of slop. Run, man, run!

What happens: Men can’t read minds and can do what you didn’t expect or didn’t want. But this is not the end of the world! Easier to make jokes than to grieve: Oh, what were man!


You put up your periscope and start to look for the eyes: so, who called him why he was so strange looking, he’s concerned about?

What he sees: She had me under a magnifying glass considering! Than I caused distrust? And if she sees me talking with any woman- not to avoid scandal!

What happens: your Husband’s distrust enters into a stupor, he tries to understand the reason. Both of you do not get pleasure from intercourse and stuff your head with unnecessary thoughts. To meet again is not desirable.


Do you want to know everything about him: why he broke up with his ex, how he sees family life, does he have children, how many you’ve eaten, he left a tip and how much…

What he sees: Like the interrogation! Maybe even a passport will be required. Imagine of her wife. No, never want to.

What happens: When communicating with her husband to put forward the Breasts, and not long nose! So, you need to know more about it to understand if it fits you or not. But turn off the internal investigator and get the information subtly, so he didn’t even know that split!

Immersion in the condition of the men

Trying to impress, you patakos him and agree with his every word. “Me too, me too! It’s a sign, since we are all the same!”

What he sees: And it’s already mine! More and do nothing. Well, not so interesting… But where is the excitement? What fiction I wouldn’t have a nose, she agree with them. Boring!

What happens: the English say: if a girl laughs – so she is half conquered. But if you suck up to my husband, agree with him in everything – the cage match. Let him win, grey interest, don’t be afraid to argue. And he will see that you have an opinion, you’re an interesting conversationalist, and not easy prey.


You’re used to command and not miss opportunities to show it: let them knows who is the mistress of the house! And then ask him to do so, and not itself appoint the time of meeting, placing it in front of a choice: “Wednesday you have a football? Well, either I or the game!”

What he sees: What swell! Trying to put me in a box, babe? Will not work! You’re a nobody, and now include the wife.

What happens: You start trying to drive in the lion’s cage. Naturally, he rests. Husband does not want under your heel and will make every effort to evade your grasping fingers with the whip.

Unstable emotion

You decided to let him see me for who I am, then there were no surprises. You laugh, do not hold back. In principle, what’s wrong? But sometimes the girl laughs as the horse, or pirarucu, or protivnenko giggles behind his hand.

What he sees: She’s clearly not himself. But I’m not her therapist. About everyone is looking at us! Rather, it was all over. Where is the exit?

What happens: You’re too relaxed and lost control. Even if you’re too emotional, stay feminine, light, mysterious. Otherwise he will see in you not a woman, and powder keg, which does not want to get.

Where is the Golden middle?

How to learn to Express their emotions, not to fall into your same trap? A real actress doesn’t need to think that on her face – she knows this because it knows how to play emotional States and facial expressions. Depends on her career. Here, your personal life might depend on what you’re an actress in life.

Your gestures, posture, facial expressions should be aesthetic. Sometimes it is difficult for us to control them, because we cannot look at ourselves. But ignorance itself prevents a woman to attract men and build a relationship with them.

Watch for them. In your free time sit in front of a mirror and practice facial expressions and gestures. Look for their winning expression, aesthetic in looks, the movements. Try to detect and unpleasant faces and gestures not to use them.

Facial expressions, gaze, breathing, voice – powerful female tools that will help you to win the interest and heart of men. If you become a skilled conductor of your orchestra of emotions, a man wants to listen to this music again and again.

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