Not on purpose: 10 alternative uses of onions

There is nothing better than a natural product that has no chemical additives.

Не за призначенням: 10 альтернативних застосувань ріпчастої цибулі

Our ancestors used food not only for food purposes but also for household needs. “But then just didn’t have the shops of household chemistry”, you say, but we will have to disagree with you. There is nothing better than a live product that has no chemical additives, from which more harm than good. So this time we decided to tell you how you can use onion not only for food purposes, informs Rus.Media.

Hair mask at home

Archery can be prepared at home very effective hair mask. Despite the pungent smell, it is considered the best among all available resources. The action of onion mask can even compete with expensive drugs. In addition, this mask prevents hair loss and stimulates their active growth. To make onion mask, you need to take onion juice or puree, minced and mixed in equal quantities with water. Then RUB it into the roots and massage gently.

Removing rust from knives

Onions can also be used in everyday life. If your knives are rusted, you should use the help of this vegetable. To do this, take a large onion and stick it in the kitchen appliance that a little support. If the rust is deep, it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times.

Polishing metal

On the rust removal, the use of onions for the kitchen and home appliances is not the end. It is also great for polishing metal surface. You need to take a few small slices of onion, add a little water and apply the mixture on the cloth. Now you can safely wipe the metal object. It may take a little more time than polishing by chemical means, but the final result will be not worse.

Eliminating the smell of fresh paint

Those who started a repair, you need to know one important property of the bow. She had the strength to neutralize the sharp and unpleasant odors. For example, the smell of fresh paint. Agree, visually the only painted walls look flawless, but it is not always possible to leave home and to ventilate the room enough time. The solution is simple: you need to take a medium onion, cut into slices and arrange on a plate and then pour a little bit of water. After about 3-5 hours the onions will soak up the odors.

Easing the pain of bites and burns

If you are bitten by a bee or a mosquito, do not despair. The onion will help to eliminate the discomfort. It is only necessary to RUB a piece of the medicinal product the bite. The onion will soothe the skin, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. Itching, pain and swelling should disappear without a trace after a couple of hours.

Protection of flowers and seedlings from pests

Onion acts as an effective natural effective repellent. To protect plants and seedlings, it is necessary to prepare a killer environmentally friendly solution. To do this, take 4 onions, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons pepper, and mix well with a liter of water. Allow the mixture to infuse, and while dissolve a couple of tablespoons of soap flakes in 8 liters of water. Then all this is mixed and is actively used in the garden. By the way, this way you can adopt in the fight against insects in living room. Pests hate the smell and will kind of disappear.

Remove iron stains from clothes

Stains from iron – a problem that usually comes suddenly, when nobody expects. It is impossible to completely protect yourself from this scourge. However, if you’ve got a stain from an iron on the shirt, don’t worry. Such stains quite effectively you can cope at home. You must take an onion grind it on a grater and put the pulp on the spot for a few hours. After that you should soak things in cold water and well washed with a powder.

The treatment of cough

Onion is widely used in traditional and folk medicine for the treatment of infectious and viral diseases. And it helps against cough. This healing property is due to the high content of volatile in the composition of Luke. All this makes it an effective drug for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, sore throat and flu. Bronchitis, for example, can be treated with the grated onion with honey, which must be taken in equal proportions. For the greatest effect, one should take a mixture of 1 tablespoon 4 times a day during meals.

Jam of onion

Despite the fact that we promised to share the original use of the bow outside the kitchen, go past this recipe failed. Onion is used for cooking large quantities of food, and surprise seasoned culinary user experience here is almost impossible. However, we’ll still try. One of the favorite delicacies of the Europeans – the jam of onion.

In order to prepare it, you need to take the following ingredients: 0.8 kg onions, 0.5 kg of brown sugar, 50 ml white wine, 50 ml of a 5% vinegar, 60 ml of vegetable oil. Large onion cut into half rings and fry in vegetable oil. Then add sugar and keep on low heat, until the onions become caramelizing. The next step is to add the wine, vinegar and cook for another 15 minutes. This jam is perfect for a classic French Breakfast with baguette. However, this case is not limited. It is also suitable as a sauce for poultry, meat, vegetables.

The healing of wounds and abscesses

Well-known the fact that onion has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. This makes it an effective tool in the fight against wounds and ulcers. Healing properties of onions can be used even with the appearance of ulcers on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. In addition, the mask from onion pulp are excellent for acne.

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