Waited 3 million years: found the tooth of a prehistoric shark giant

A unique discovery waiting to happen in the UK

Ждал 3 миллиона лет: найдено зуб доисторической акулы-гиганта

The Englishman and archaeologist Tony Hayes is a true seeker of artifacts. And through this hobby he collected a unique collection. The latest discovery of man was the tooth of a 16-metre shark.

In the County of Essex in the beach town of Clacton Tony Hayes discovered tooth ancient shark Megalodon that lived here over 3 million years ago. It is known that she could reach staggering proportions.

Ждал 3 миллиона лет: найдено зуб доисторической акулы-гиганта

So, in a marine predator length was 16 meters, and it weighs 47 tons. Scientist at first very puzzled by the discovery of the fossils. In addition, he did not immediately recognize, who could belong to a giant Fang.

It is known that the teeth and the size of the Megalodon is three times more than the largest specimens of white sharks living now. Your search for Tony gates has devoted seven years and finally they succeeded.

65-year-old archaeologist incredibly glad for this find, which was the crown of his collection. Scientists are engaged in extinct predators, found that the bite force of a Megalodon was about 10 tons, that is, superhilac could easily bite a small whale.

Recall, the shark attacked the children in the popular resort.

Two children have suffered as a result of shark attacks off the coast of long island in new York. According to officials, this is the first such incidents in the state over the past 70 years.

As reported Znaia the diver-extreme looked into a shark’s mouth.

Diver Bartolomeo Bove, plunging under the water in the area of Florida (USA), was able to take video of tiger sharks from close range, reports the CGTN. The video shows how a shark swims up to him very closely, and the diver feeds her fish.

Also Znayu wrote that the hunters kill the largest animal in the world.

The whalers in Iceland have killed probably a young male blue whale, which is one of the biggest available on the planet beings. Reported by the BBC.

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