Male hide the fact that rich until I was discharged son from hospital

Tricks Of Life.

Чоловік приховував, що багатий, поки мене не виписали з сином з пологового будинку

Milan David met at the hospital: the man was admitted to hospital with stomach pains, and she was his doctor. David first joked about Milan, because she was very young and recently graduated. But for the time spent in the office, a man strongly imbued with the caring and beautiful girl and began to care for her. He sent flowers by courier, on the day of discharge even invited her to the theater. Milan agreed, informs Rus.Media.

The relationship soon grew into a family and the young people got married. The couple lived in the apartment Milana, apartment because her husband was in the other side of town and getting to work was far.A year Milan became pregnant. David was very glad, that soon will become a father and was preparing a surprise for his wife. She didn’t ask him, but he did not say.

Milan gave birth to a healthy boy. Discharge day David met her in a huge limousine with the parents of the woman a bunch of flowers and balloons. The woman was surprised and at first even wanted to scold her husband that you didn’t have to spend money. However, following the gift made her smile even more beautiful ring in the form of a small child’s legs and a large gemstone.

The limo was broken, but on departure from the territory of the hospital, he suddenly turned the other way and Milan did not understand where they were going.

-“Honey, where are we going? After all, our house is the other way!”

-“You’ll know soon enough, hope you like it!”

The limo stopped in one of the elite areas of the city. The couple with the child and the parents of the woman took the Elevator to one of the higher floors. David bought a huge four bedroom apartment and furnish it the most expensive and high quality appliances and furniture. A child he did so, that was the impression that he bought the entire shop.

David admitted that he is the founder of a great law firm and previous wife was only with him for money and he decided to find one that will accept it with all faults, and also not rich. He wanted to confess earlier, but knowing the temper Milana was afraid she’d leave him.

* Male secret that rich until I gave birth to a son.

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