The history of the emergence of the most common superstitions

Every superstitious custom has its own interesting legend, which reveals its essence.

Історії появи найпоширеніших марновірств

Many of us know such popular superstitions as not to cross black cats, open umbrellas indoors, and other horseshoe for good luck, but few people think where it all came from. Every superstitious custom has its own interesting legend, which reveals its essence. In this article we will try to tell you the story of the emergence of fifteen some of the most common prejudices. Enough already to aimlessly afraid of bad omens, do it consciously!

Open an umbrella indoors – to trouble

It was thought that this superstition originates from the reign of the pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, but most historians believe that the sign most likely originated in England in the Victorian era. Then the opening mechanism of the umbrella was so clumsy that the metal spokes and springs could bounce and cause bodily injury or minor damage to property. As a consequence, umbrella recommended to open only on the street, informs Rus.Media.

Pass under a ladder is bad luck

This sign originated in Ancient Egypt. The stairs, leaning against the wall, form a triangle, and Egyptians regarded this shape as sacred. The triangles represented the Trinity of gods, and go through them meant to desecrate the Shrine.

Broken mirror – seven years bad luck

In Ancient Greece, with the help of mirrors by analyzing the reflection predicted the future. To see a distorted reflection was a bad sign. But still, the birthplace of the signs is considered to be Ancient Rome. The Romans believed that life renewed every seven years. A broken mirror meant that human health will deteriorate, and only seven years later, he’ll be fine.

Sprinkle salt – to quarrel and enmity

There is a perception that if a person spilled salt, he must throw three pinches over your left shoulder to avoid trouble. About 3500 BC the Sumerians were the first people who practiced this sign. And although the exact cause of this sign is not known, it was picked up by the Egyptians, Assyrians and later the Greeks.

Hang a horseshoe over the door ends up for good luck

In the middle Ages, people believed that witches fear horses, so any thing associated with them will scare off the witches. For this reason, people began to hang the horseshoe, to the evil forces to penetrate into their home.

The black cat that crossed the road – to failure

Frankly, cats always bring good luck since the times of Ancient Egypt. But that all changed in the early 17th century in England when king Charles I died in his beloved black cat. Then the king complained that luck had left him. The truth of his words was confirmed when the next day the king was arrested on charges of treason.

The number 13 is unlucky

About fear of the number 13 (or “trisect”) is mentioned in Norse mythology, when the twelve gods feasted on the mass in Valhal. Then God disputes and evil Locke NAV Azusa the thirteenth, was killed by Valderon.

The wishing upon a star on a shooting star

In the 1st century, Ptolemy suggested that the stars are falling to Earth because the gods have turned their gaze on people from heaven.

Passing by a graveyard, you need to hold your breath

In some cultures of the North American Indians believed that breathing near the dead was dangerous, because you might inhale somebody’s soul.

The tradition of candles on the cake birthday

Ancient Greeks as well as today, making cakes for birthday. They were brought as a gift to Artemis, the goddess of the moon. Round cakes symbolised the moon, and lighted candles imitated her light. Today candles on a birthday cake are still associated with good luck.

To see the bride/groom on the wedding day – a failed marriage

Is this a sign that the bride seeing the groom before the wedding ceremony, could at the last moment to change his mind.

A rabbit’s foot brings good luck

In the 7th century BC the rabbit’s foot was considered as a talisman bringing good luck, since she had close contact with the source of life – the earth. But not just any rabbit’s foot could bring good luck, but only the left rear was useful as an amulet.

The wearing of a ring on the ring finger of the right hand

The wearing of a ring on the ring finger has become more of a tradition than a superstition. The ancient Romans believed that the ring finger with the help of the nervous system is associated with the human heart. Also the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans believed that this finger could heal from illness, as it was used for rubbing healing ointments.

To light three cigarettes from one match – a bad omen

Rumor has it that this belief arose among the soldiers who believed that they were going to give the sniper time to discover their whereabouts. According to another legend, the “match king” Ivar Krueger came up with this superstition, to expand your business.

To put shoes on the table – to the scandal and death

Many years ago, when he died, one miner, his shoes were left on the table. So there was this superstition, which promised misfortune in the house.

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