MONATIK danced with Nadia Dorofeeva in the new clip. Video

MONATIK станцевал с Надей Дорофеевой в новом клипе. Видео

The singer has unveiled a music video for the song “Deep”.

MONATIK presented a new clip “Deep…”, which was lit with Nadia Dorofeeva in Cannes in the famous bubble house by Pierre Cardin, reports the with reference to ShowDream.

Bubble house by Pierre Cardin in Cannes built in the 1980s to display your own love of freedom in fashion. In 2018 arrived MONATIK and Nadia Dorofeeva to light under the palms hotter than the sun, shooting the video “Deep…” — watch the premiere of the musical-dance film by Director Tanya, Muinjo together!

“Let’s imagine that this video — illustration of the male imagination, which was excited so bright and unpredictable emergence of a great danger. He’s puzzled, because she so confidently creates waves of anxiety and curiosity. Will have to catch one common rhythm — watch the clip”, — intriguing MONATIK.

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