A soldier who has returned from a business trip the day after the birth of his daughter made something incredible!

Look at the reaction of his 2-year-old son.

Солдат, який повернувся з відрядження, на наступний день після народження своєї дочки зробив щось неймовірне!

In the short video featured John Forret, Sergeant of the National guard, stationed in the middle East. He returned home to his family in des Moines, Iowa, on vacation, informs Rus.Media.

Before his return pregnant wife, Janie, was lying in a Medical center Mary Greeley in Ames, she was preparing to leave. Unfortunately, Ferrato refused to leave during childbirth, so he watched it all via FaceTime.

When he looked at birth, father of two children was given permission to travel halfway around the world in order to surprise his wife and son. Shortly after his daughter was born, Forrat got on a plane and went 22-hour flight in the United States. Upon arrival at the airport, Forrat, it seems, was very happy that he returned home, and, moreover, that soon he will see his newborn daughter.

The following frames show that Forrat entered the hospital room, where lay his wife and daughter. As soon as he saw his wife, they embraced.

It is impossible to watch without tears. “Oh, my God. Look at it,” said Forret, pointing at the girl.

Emotional dad came to pick up the baby and hold her in his arms. He and Jani could not stop smiling when they sat together on the bed and admired their beautiful child.

As soon as 15 minutes later it’s time to make another surprise. Their 2-year-old son came into the room to see the Pope, whom he had not seen since he left on a business trip. The little boy rushed to his father, when he learned that it was him. “You’ve grown,” he said Forret, taking his son in his arms and kissing him. It was one of the most priceless moments for my son and father.

“Thanks to all who helped to realize this when it seemed that this is impossible”, — stated in the text at the end of the video. Of course, it was a priceless moment.

One of the users of Facebook, Janet Davie Klein, wrote: “Always so nice when families have ready a great surprise when they manage to gather all together,” she wrote. “They are so lucky to create such a beautiful family!”

Many military families know what it is, learn about the birth of his child via the Internet or by telephone, the case of Porrata quite often. There are also many videos where you can see moments of reuniting soldiers with their families after months of separation. This precious moments when loved ones and relatives see each other after a long separation.

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