Ukraine has tested a new and powerful weapons. Video

В Украине провели испытания нового мощного оружия. Видео

Its main striking force – the domestic anti-tank missile complex Barrier.

Goncharovsky on military training ground in the Chernihiv region was a demonstration of the new fighting module installed on wheeled armored vehicle Kozak-2M. On Wednesday, July 19, said a military expert, Director of information and consulting company Defense Express Serhiy Zgurets, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

This is a tripartite project, which is attended by Turkish company Aselsan, state Kyiv design Bureau Luch, as well as private enterprise NGO Practice, which is a developer and manufacturer of combat armored vehicles.

Zgurets said that the module can be equipped with various types of guns, but his main striking force is a domestic anti-tank missile Barrier design with an increased number of missiles on launchers. Four R-2S. The maximum launch range – 5 kilometers, armor penetration behind era – 800 mm.

Can also be used missiles with high-explosive and thermobaric warhead. The control system of the rocket – laser, semi-automatic. Recharge – through hatches on the roof of the car. Module weight – 400 pounds.

The module is equipped with one-stage motors that provide the speed of tilting the axis of sight, according to representatives of the Turkish company, up to 30° per second.

“During the testing day was launched controlled anti-tank missile LCD-2S at a distance of 1.8 kilometres at a moving target, as well as by night at a distance of 3 kilometers on armored targets using the thermal imaging camera company Aselsan. For a start, and watched foreign military delegation. The launches were successful,” – said the expert.

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