How to stop lying: reasons

There are many reasons why people lie.

Як перестати брехати: причини

Of hypnotic therapy. How to stop lying, informs Rus.Media.

– This method how to stop lying, gives the client the opportunity to evaluate the reasons that make it a lie. Reflecting on this, it can reassess their decisions and consider to change their behavior.

So, frankly, there are many reasons why people lie. But interestingly, the first of these reasons is fear. This is the most common cause lies. Now you’re probably thinking that fear arises from the fact that you don’t want to be accused that you are doing something what to do had, – but it is not. The purpose of lies is to give you shelter from the presumptive penalty to avoid punishment, but do you now did not hide any truth? You really don’t need to do that.

You don’t need to fear punishment because starting today you’ll begin to better understand why you’re lying, but it will force you to suspend work lies before she breaks out of your mouth. It’s time to become honest, there’s nothing more to conceal, no more skeletons in the closet, to act openly, freely, honestly.

There are two reasons why a person may continue to lie even after he destroyed the habit of lying, and even after it ceased to be punished.

Another reason why a person is lying, is that she notices, like other lies, and sees all that goes with it. If this is the reason, just ask yourself: “do You want to be that person, surely such a prospect inspires you? Should I now start doing everything possible to be better than a man – to be a better husband than it is now, the wife now the best father (mother) than it is now, best friend, coworker, than with now best friend for yourself than now?”

And the last reason that makes people to lie, is that they think if they tell the truth, they will not get what you want. I wonder how you would be a man if you always get what you want. Let’s think about the children. What would be their behavior if you always give them what they want? But as a father yourself you know that you always get what you want, very corrupt, as individuals we need to we’ll earn what you want, but it creates real meaning and value of it all.

And now you have a lot to earn. You need to earn back the respect, and only then you will be able to obtain it from others; we must first feel it inside you, you yourself must first begin to respect.

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