Stand not only sun: sex on the schedule saves from infertility

Scientists have found the perfect time for sex

Встанет не только солнце: интим по расписанию спасает от бесплодия

Scientists have figured out when to have sex couples who wish to have a baby.

About it reports The Daily Mail.

Встанет не только солнце: интим по расписанию спасает от бесплодия

A group of scientists from Switzerland conducted a study which analyzed the samples 7968 men aged 25 to 40 years undergoing treatment for infertility. They came to the conclusion that the best time to conceive is before 07:30. The most productive was the three spring months.

“Couples trying to conceive, have sex before 07:30 and preferably in the spring, if they want to achieve pregnancy, as the body then most receptive to fertilization,” – said the publication.

Lead researcher Dr. Brigitte Liner noted that their findings can be used to increase the chances of conceiving in people being treated for infertility, and it will definitely have a positive effect.

Встанет не только солнце: интим по расписанию спасает от бесплодия

In addition, she clarified that the significant reduction in the likelihood of conception is celebrated in the summer.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu”, an international group of scientists from the Australian University conducted a series of studies which came to the conclusion that a separate category of popular products may be the reason why the diagnosis of “infertility”.

Doctors followed fatty, fried foods from the fast food affect female fertility: results appeared on the pages of Human Reproduction.

Doctors focused their study not on childless couples, and on women who are already pregnant, but was given to them this is not the first attempt and works great. During the project the doctors examined the health indicators of the participants of the experiment (they were all at different stages of pregnancy), their habits, lifestyle, diet, and time that are wasted on attempts to conceive a child.

Very often the diagnosis of “infertility” put women who more than a year trying to get pregnant. However, the study involved healthy women who have also had problems with conception. As it turned out, they ate a lot of fast food, including a month before conception. And fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish in their diet was a little.

In addition to the fast-food reduced female fertility alcohol, cigarettes, and fast weight loss or the opposite – weight gain. Therefore, doctors recommend that women who want to learn the joys of motherhood, revise your diet and nutrition as early as possible before the moment of conception.

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