In Syria, I saw something strange: a photo

According to preliminary information, the vessel belongs to the States

В Сирии взорвалось что-то непонятное: фото

On Tuesday, July 17, in the Syrian province of al-Hasaka, 15 kilometers from the city of al-Shaddad found the wreckage of a military plane crash which was accompanied by a powerful explosion.

What country owns the ship, while it could not figure out. Presumably, the plane was sent by the coalition led by the United States, but so far this is the only version, writes the newspaper Al-Masdar News.

В Сирии взорвалось что-то непонятное: фото

According to another version, in Syria, found no military aircraft and the wreckage of an American ballistic missile, MGM-140..

В Сирии взорвалось что-то непонятное: фото

“It has a range from 128 to 300 km and can be run through the system M142 HIMARS. Earlier HIMARS has already been used in Syria against militants of the Islamic state”, – stated in the message Telegram-channel 4 Directorate.

В Сирии взорвалось что-то непонятное: фото

The disaster Malaysian Boeing over the Donbas

The house of representatives of the Dutch Parliament supported the decision of the Netherlands and Australia to recognize the guilt of Russia in the Downing of flight MH17. It is reported

Pointed out that the decision was even supported by the leader of the party “Forum for democracy” Thierry Bode, who doubted the independence of the joint investigation team that is investigating the disaster and even wrote letters to the President of the United States Donald Trump is a request for a new investigation.

Downed Soviet pilot, found in Afghanistan

Accidentally found a Soviet military pilot who was shot down in 1987.

Russian journalists the President of the Union of paratroopers of Russia the General-Colonel Valery Vostrotin told me that in such a situation we need not only financial, but also administrative, diplomatic and public assistance.

Name and surname of the pilot have not been disclosed.

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We will remind, earlier the information portal “Znayu” wrote that Ukrainian international airlines lifted fares above the clouds. From now on passengers will have to pay € 15 (instead of 10) for printing a boarding pass. From August 1 this fee will also apply to long-haul routes.

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