Afanasiev day July 18: what should not be done

Housewives in many homes in this day baked special cookies

Афанасьев день 18 июля: чего категорически нельзя делать

This day is celebrated folk festival Afanasiev day(old style – July 5). Thus according to the Orthodox Church calendar, believers dedicate the date memory of St Athanasius the Athonite, Abbot. The people believed that on this day the moon is celebrating their holiday.

The main prohibitions on Athanasius

On this day, the Slavs worshiped a Month. So, the night was made to go outside and observe the moon. People know that this holiday Month adds strength and energy. The elderly taught the young: “Look how the month plays, — power to save”. Another thought that you need to look at a young moon, not to hurt the teeth.

Афанасьев день 18 июля: чего категорически нельзя делать

Moreover, associated with the moon signs of the weather and the harvest. If she “played” in the sky (changed color, hiding behind clouds and then re-appeared), one would expect a bountiful harvest, and light cleaning. And if she still was clearly visible and the lights are clear, the autumn promises to be warm and dry. Some peasants claimed that predicting harvest time moon at the sunrise, ran from place to place, shimmering with all the seven colors of the rainbow.

As you know, lucky for all undertakings is the period from new moon to full moon (waxing moon), and lunar damage tried any new cases not start. There were other signs on Athanasius. For example, yellow brass, clouds foretold imminent rain. Also a harbinger of imminent rain was in the clouds, came a “rotten corner”, that is, from the South-West.

Афанасьев день 18 июля: чего категорически нельзя делать

In addition, the hostess in many homes in this day baked special cookies in the shape of a Crescent. The dough on the cookie mix from the large amount of butter, flour, honey, it is often added crushed nuts and poppy seeds. Next, the dough turned out small cookies in the form of a Crescent, which was baked in a furnace, and then poured melted honey and sprinkled again, or nuts, or poppy.

It should be noted that this treat people baked a few times a year: 18 July, Christmas and New Year. Cookie carried the evening on the street and ate there. It is usually baked in large quantities to not only households, but also to all the neighbors and relatives. Add the cookies in the shape of Crescent will not only add strength but for a long time will bring good fortune and luck.

We will remind, earlier the portal “Znayu” I wrote what should not be done on Andrew Loading.

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