New teaser for “Doctor Who” appeared online

The role of the protagonist for the first time will be performed by the woman

Новый тизер "Доктора Кто" появился в сети

New teaser for the 11 season of “Doctor Who” has presented the BBC news channel, which shows new assistants the Doctor.

For the first time since 1963, the role of the protagonist in the series will be performed by the woman, namely actress jodie Whittaker. The season premiere of the show scheduled for autumn this year.

We know that the new helpers and friends of the 13th Doctor will be Graham (Bradley Walsh), Ryan (Tosin Cole) and Yamin (Mendip Jill).


Doctor Who — the longest science fiction series in the world. It started in November 1963 on the BBC. The shooting was stopped in 1989 and resumed in 2005. the protagonist of the epic, an inventive alien Doctor Who, travelling in time and space machine called the TARDIS. The role of a Doctor Who performed more than ten actors. With 2013 Doctor played by Peter Capaldi.

Know.ia recalls, the favorite of the popular television series “Game of thrones” Sophie Turner showed the world how gentle she refers to Joe Consumo. The paparazzi managed to get a portion of lovely shots, which 28-year-old Jonas is under the arm with his 22-year-old bride.

Новый тизер "Доктора Кто" появился в сети

Romance couple got back in 2016, and last year the couple announced their engagement.

Also recall that we recently compiled a list of TV shows and movies that will inspire you to do something new.

Новый тизер "Доктора Кто" появился в сети

One of these was “grey’s Anatomy”.

Along with “Friends” and “Sex in the city”, this cult series has become a classic of the genre. In addition to the various love lines and drum, each series show the most interesting histories and phenomena of modern surgery. From plastic surgery to man-the tree to print veins on the printer! After 14 seasons of this spectacle is hard to not want to be chief, cardiothoracic or neurosurgeon. The series is not slowing down and gets the green light for the continuation each year.

On other not less interesting series read the link.

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