Trump humiliated Putin before the meeting

The presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump already hold a bilateral meeting

Трамп унизил Путина еще до встречи

The motorcade of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has arrived to the meeting with the head of the White house Donald trump in the Presidential Palacky in the Finnish capital Helsinki, but the President of the United States is late.

This is reported by the media

It is now known that trump left the Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa with a considerable delay.

It is known that he had to drive off to meet with Putin at 12:40 local time, but left the hotel only at 13:20. In addition, it is reported that when the press Secretary of the trump Sarah Sanders asked about the reason for the delay, she said nothing.

Трамп унизил Путина еще до встречи

The Moscow correspondent of the Guardian, Andrew Roth suggested that trump was late to pay tribute to Putin.

“Putin was late, but still arrived first. He’s like trump would be welcomed in the presidential Palace”, he wrote on Twitter.

In addition it should be noted that the plane of Russian President Vladimir Putin landed at the airport of the capital of Finland Helsinki is 45 minutes later than planned. At a time when Putin was supposed to arrive to the Presidential Palace.

“Obviously, he could have avoided being late, so he did it with a certain intent. He, obviously, is to determine the field for the game at this meeting. That no everything on it revolves around the tramp, as he says,” said former US Ambassador to the UN Thomas Pickering.

However, it should be noted that earlier the US President Donald trump said that he doesn’t have “high expectations from the upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I’m going with low expectations. I don’t expect much”, he said in an interview with the CBS Evening News.

Трамп унизил Путина еще до встречи

The American guarantor of stability talked about their main expectations from the meeting with Putin, promising that nothing bad, this meeting will bring.

“I think that Dating is good, I believe in the meeting. Meeting with head of the DPRK Kim was good. A meeting with the Chinese leader was very good … this meeting will not be anything bad, but maybe I’ll get something good,” said trump.

As reported, trump gave an interview the day after the US filed charges against 12 officers of the Russian intelligence for interfering in the presidential elections of 2016. In this context, trump promised to raise the issue of extradition of Russians at a meeting with Putin.

“I never thought about it. Of course, I will put to him this question,” he said.

Trump also added that he thought about it, because Russia and the U.S. have no extradition Treaty.

In Helsinki protesting because of the meeting, trump and Putin

We will remind, earlier the portal “Znayu” reported that trump suddenly spill the beans about Putin.

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