Weather forecast for July 14: the element will not allow the Ukrainians to get bored

Forecaster puzzled Ukrainians ambiguous forecast

Погода на 14 июля: стихия не даст украинцам заскучать

On July 14, the weather in Ukraine will be rainy and cool in the West and in some parts of the left Bank, but the rest of the territory precipitation is not expected clear

Writes forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page in Facebook, the fact that the atmosphere over the Ukraine remains unstable, so it will be in the field of low atmospheric pressure with periodic secondary pressure fronts:

“So in most areas local are expected rains with thunderstorms. Short. The sun will also be missed. Except in the southern part of Ukraine – Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Zaporozhye and their districts as well as Crimea, will dominate the dry Sunny air mass,” she says.

Погода на 14 июля: стихия не даст украинцам заскучать

Regarding the temperature, it is heterogeneous. So, according to Didenko, 14 Jul fresh just to be on the West of Ukraine– +19+24 degrees, but on the South and East will hold the heat– +28 – +33 degrees. For the rest of the territory is projected +25 – +30 degrees.

“In Kiev there is a chance of rain with thunderstorm. Don’t forget to bring umbrellas, raincoats. The air temperature in the capital this weekend– +25+27 degrees,” – emphasizes the expert.

The weather forecast for Saturday, July 14, in the cities of Ukraine:

Uzhgorod – +23…+25

Lviv +19…+21

Ivano-Frankivsk – +20…+22

Ternopil – +19…+21

Chernivtsi – +20…+22

Khmelnitsky – +20…+22

Lutsk – +20…+22

Exactly – +20…+22

Zhitomir – +21…+23

Vinnitsa – +22…+24

Odessa – +28…+30

Nikolaev – +29…+31

Kherson – +29…+31

Simferopol – +28…+30

Kropiwnicki – +25…+27

Cherkassy – +25…+27

Chernihiv – +25…+27

Sumy – +24…+26

Poltava – +26…+28

Dnepr – +26…+28

Zaporozhye – +29…+31

Donetsk – +29…+31

Lugansk – +29…+31

Kharkov – +28…+30

Kiev – +24…+26

Погода на 14 июля: стихия не даст украинцам заскучать

Znayu recalls that in the next few years for Ukraine, especially for the southern regions will become such a devastating natural disaster, like tornadoes. This is due to frequent sudden changes in temperature, meteorologists explain.

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