Watched all: death star legendary series

The actor was suffering from cancer of the prostate

Смотрели все: умер звезда легендарного сериала

American actor Roger Perry died in California on 86-m to year of life. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The death of the actor confirmed his daughter Dana. As noted, the actor was suffering from cancer of the prostate.

Смотрели все: умер звезда легендарного сериала

Roger Perry was born on 7 may 1933 in Iowa. During his life he appeared in over 57 movies and TV shows. The most famous of them are “Star trek” (Star Trek), “Autoriser” (Wreckage) and “Mockingbird lane” (The Munsters).

Смотрели все: умер звезда легендарного сериала

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu”, Nancy Sinatra, the first wife of American singer and actor Frank Sinatra died at 102-m to year of life. This was announced by their daughter, singer Nancy Sinatra.

My mother died tonight at the age of 101 years. She was a blessing and the light of my life. God bless you, mommy. Thank you for everything,” she wrote on Twitter. Frank Sinatra married his first love, Nancy in February 1939.

Nancy Barbato and Frank Sinatra were married in 1939. Together they had three children — Nancy Sinatra, who became a famous singer, Frank Sinatra Jr., from 1988 to 1995, who led the orchestra of his father, and Tina Sinatra, who works as a film producer.

Recall, February 12, at 89 year of life died the famous singer Vic Damone (Vic Damone).

It is noted that the performer, whose real name is Vito Farinola, died at the medical center in Miami beach, surrounded by close relatives.

In addition, Damon was engaged not only in a musical career, but also acted in films and on television. Among the hits of the singer — “You’re Breaking My Heart” and “On The Street Where You Live”.

Note, in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) racer hit and killed 74-year-old deserved a ballerina, a teacher of the Mariinsky theatre Olga Iskanderova. The incident occurred a few days ago, but the family decided to tell all only recently.

The accident occurred in the first hour of the night, it happened on a pedestrian crossing near the house № 73 on the Nevsky prospect. The culprit was 28-year-old street racer from Vladivostok Ivan Yarochkin, who was driving the Toyota Supra.

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