Ukraine shut down without warning unified school kobza

Ukraine was the only College which produced professional kobza successors of the ancient Ukrainian traditions. However, the College was closed.

В Україні закрили без попередження єдину школу кобзарів

Without warning, he closed the only kobza art College, where students learned the ancient science of playing the kobza – a Ukrainian national instrument. About this event said the actor and Director Alexander Ignatusha, informs Rus.Media.

In the Kiev region, in the village of Stritivka in Ukraine is the only professional College of art artists, and accreditation level. However, in all likelihood, the College has “existed” since before it became known about its closing. Moreover, neither teachers nor students know in advance not warned.

This school was founded in 1989 on the initiative of the honored artist of Ukraine, poet Vasyl Lytvyn, and writers Boris Oliynyk and Oles Berdnik. Artists of skill it learned, according to tradition, only boys.

This school has produced a number of singers, bandura, kobza, lyre, and music teachers artists, and art. Many of her students later became leading soloists and creative collectives of Kyiv.

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