This discovery can change the world: a terrible earthquake has exposed the lost temple of the Aztecs

Scientists were not even aware of its existence

Эта находка может изменить мир: страшное землетрясение обнажило затерянный храм ацтеков

Mexican archaeologists studying the earthquake-damaged Aztec pyramid, suddenly found the ancient temple. The researchers were not even aware that it exists.

About reports a press-service of the National Institute of anthropology and history Mexico (INAH).

Эта находка может изменить мир: страшное землетрясение обнажило затерянный храм ацтеков

Scientists examined the pyramid Teopanzolco in the state of Morelos, to understand how much damage she inflicted the September earthquake (7.1 points). During the work, the radar detected under one of the temple one the size of 6 by 4 meters.

The pyramid itself, according to archaeologists, was built between 1200 and 1521 years (beginning of Spanish conquest). The temple probably built between 1150 and 1200. According to the experts, the temple was built in honor of the God Tlaloc.

Inside the temple found the censer, and fragments of pottery.

Experts are not surprised, because the temples over each other was normal for the pre-Hispanic era. Maybe on the right side of the pyramid was located the temple in honor of God of sun and war, Huitzilopochtli.

Archaeologists noted that the pyramid itself was badly damaged by the earthquake.

Эта находка может изменить мир: страшное землетрясение обнажило затерянный храм ацтеков

Recall, a natural disaster occurred in September 2017. It caused damage to many historical monuments, including churches of the colonial era. The victims of the earthquake were a few hundred people.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” and the excavations in Pachacamac (Peru), a group of archaeologists from the université Libre de Bruxelles detected abnormal mummy, which was discontinued in the fabric folds, but still survived.

This was written in the press release on the University website.

The temple of Pachacamac, on the territory of which was discovered a strange mummy, is considered an important archaeological monument in Peru. The complex consists of the pyramid, cemeteries, sanctuaries — all this as a whole is called the temple. This place was held sacrifices and various ceremonies. Gradually the temple became the administrative center.

For nine days the archaeologists led by Peter Echuca with the faculty of philosophy and social Sciences of the Brussels free univeristate was engaged in excavation areas, suddenly discovered the mummy. In addition to it, scientists managed to explore three monumental buildings in the complex, including a sanctuary dedicated to local ancestors. Rather, it is a place in the XV century became the temple of water and healing. In support of this, archaeologists found a lot of shellfish, which could be beached only in connection with the inflow of water during El niño. The Incas used them as a symbol of fertility and abundance.

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