There’s a new trailer of the cartoon “the Grinch”. Video

Появился новый трейлер мультфильма "Гринч". Видео

The cartoon will appear in cinemas at the end of the year.

The film will tell about the green little man named the Grinch who hates people, because from childhood they laughed at his unusual appearance. So he decided to lead a solitary life away from the fictional town of Tograde. His only friend is a dog named Max, reports the with reference to Multikino.

Every year at Christmas time, when society is filled with joy, Grinch is overwhelmed with anger. He wants revenge on all the bullying he had to endure in childhood.

The cartoon will be released on December 27.

In the original version of the film the main character is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch (“Patrick Melrose”, “Doctor strange”).

Directors of the new ribbon was made by yarrow Cheney (“the Secrets of pet animals” art Director “Despicable me 2”), and Scott Mosie.

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