The elusive white Stingray filmed. Video

Неуловимого белого ската сняли на камеру. Видео

Rare white Stingray caught off the coast of Australia.Off the coast of the Australian state of Victoria took a very rare white Stingray, which floated in the water as “ocean Ghost”.

To shoot the ramp in the video managed 57-year-old Jane Hadley, who has discovered a rare creature in the waters off the town of Blairgowrie Marina that Mornington Peninsula.

The woman dived and plunged to a depth of 4 meters, when suddenly I saw an unusual white spot in front. When the creature swam closer, it turned out to be a ramp-hvostokol species Dasyatis brevicaudata, but very rare in white. Apparently it was an albino.

These stingrays are rather large fish and can reach a width of over 2 metres and weigh more than 350 lbs. While Jane removed the Stingray on camera, he majestically floated around, hunting for crabs.

Jane 24 years was scuba diving and she has many hours under water, but the white of the ramp she sees for the first time. Other divers think that she is very lucky, these fish are extremely rare.

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