The death of the champion of Ukraine in Kharkov: released footage of the tragedy. Video

Гибель чемпиона Украины в Харькове: обнародованы кадры трагедии. Видео

19-year-old motorcycle racer died in an accident.In the Internet published a video which recorded the moment a terrible car accident in Kharkiv, which killed 19-year-old motorcycle racer, champion of Ukraine Andrey Bessonov.

A video clip posted on YouTube, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

So, the Kiev district court of Kharkov chose a measure of restraint for Olga Kotova, who is a suspect in the case of the death Bessonova – 60 days of detention without the right of bail, notes the NewsRoom.

At the time of the accident in the car of the woman was her grandson. The suspect was sober. According to the Prosecutor, Kotova wasn’t convinced of safety of maneuver, however, the father of the deceased boy said that the driver of the SUV ignored a sign “only directly” and went into the oncoming lane.

This version is confirmed by the video shown during the meeting. Thus, the record shows, as the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is moving along Independence Avenue in the direction of Sumy in the left lane. At the level of entry in the regional hospital, the driver stops and passes oncoming cars. In that moment, when past the SUV passing cyclist, the car takes off, moved the young man and rides on the high curb.

In turn, the father of the deceased stated that the material provided by the prosecution, has been changed.

“Covered information from the public that in the time of the crime in the car Kotova was not alone. There are photos and videos that confirm this. But why the result hides the passengers is anyone’s guess. Apparently, their names are consonant with the names of the authorities”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Video 01:30

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