“The corridor of the Eclipse”: the astrologer said, what should not be done until December

Solar Eclipse marked the beginning of a heavy period – astrologer

"Коридор затмений": астролог рассказала, чего категорически нельзя делать до декабря

The period up to December of the current year will be extremely unfavorable due to the “corridor of eclipses” and other astrological factors. This was told by the astrologer EFA Foreign, – reports obozrevatel.

In the context of the three summer eclipses – sun 13 Jul, moon 27 July sun 11 Aug – she noticed that each of them exerts its influence for 14 days – 7 days before and 7 days after the Eclipse.

Given that each such 14-day period is considered severe and unfavorable, in fact, “very little time left to get out of this corridor, out of the frying pan into the fire”, she said.

"Коридор затмений": астролог рассказала, чего категорически нельзя делать до декабря

EFA Foreign also said the situation is compounded by the fact that the planet Pluto will be retrograde until the end of November this year – its apparent direction of movement in the sky would be the opposite of “normal.” As explained by the astrologer, this fact makes a feeling of discomfort. “It was like being in a room with a low ceiling, he presses,” said she.

Based on this EFA Foreign recommended not to appoint a wedding to November inclusive, and also not to make major purchases. According to her, a prisoner in those days the Union may be fragile and problematic and expensive purchase, for example, the technique “will not get out of the service centers”.

"Коридор затмений": астролог рассказала, чего категорически нельзя делать до декабря

The astrologer also advised to refrain from all sorts of routine operations, as this period “very difficult recovery.” Make an exception only for those surgeries that can wait.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the magician told how to use a solar Eclipse. As told to the magician Vedic tradition Igor mehedi, this Eclipse opens the road. Ukraine and Europe in General it will positively influence, because, as a rule, the greatest number of negative aspects associated with eclipses, it falls on those countries where it can be observed.

At a time when the Moon will cover a significant portion of the Sun in the sky will be dominated by two stars: Achernar (alpha Eridani) and Betelgeuse (alpha Orion). These stars are considered angels, which carry the energy of angels and archangels.

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