Still think expensive makeup is the best? We destroy this myth

Cosmetics, which should be abandoned.

Все ще думаєте, що дорога косметика найкраща? Ми зруйнуємо цей міф

Today will tell you about cosmetics, which is to give up altogether. The reasons may be different: the uselessness, the danger or high price tag, informs Rus.Media.

Facial scrubs

If the body scrubs can be effective, then to the face, they are unnecessary and even harmful. The abrasive particles damage healthy epidermis, while supposedly remove dead skin particles. In fact, scaling new and the old remained in place.

Nose strips for

Which is certainly not the thing to do to glue on the nose plasters in the hope that he will clean the pores and you will live with perfect white nose. Sebum the pores will still be covered, but the skin is damaged, because the patch you “videre” healthy skin cells. Then again, will peeling — is it worth?

Dear pseudo-oil for hair

There are numerous brands that produce products such as “liquid crystals”, “oil emulsion” and so on. All of these funds except the Deluxe, which is argan oil the same. They perform the same function — to smooth the hair scales and glued the split ends. In the budget, mass – and middle-market funds with argan oil can not be because of their high cost. So if at the moment the argan oline have enough money – you can buy the cheapest oil emulsion there is no difference.

Alcohol and salicylic lotions

There is a belief that alcohol is an antiseptic and if you wipe the face with alcohol, acne there it is not. A lot of drugstore brands navypuskali lotion for teenage skin, where the amount of alcohol exceeds the limit, saying it will help teenage skin to keep sebum, and consequently pimples will be less. Actually not: in fact, that alcohol, salicylic acid in high concentrations is very much dry and dehydrated skin.

Shampoos 2 B1

If the 2in1 shampoo written — most likely mean that the tool performs the function of the shampoo and conditioner. Only now it is a useless thing. Shampoo the product is alkaline, it serves to cleanse the scalp and when it gets on the hair, the scales are disclosed. To close the scales, it is necessary to neutralize the alkali for use in this acidic environment, that is, masks and balms. Masks and balms can be applied to the scalp, since they contain oils, and those oils will clog the pores on the scalp. As a result, an alkaline environment will not work at all, because it pre-mixed with the acid, the purification will not occur, and the pores on the scalp just clogged. As a result, a dirty head, and with frequent use — dry, dandruff dehydration.

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