Sianga returned to Boris APR

Many fans were interested in, not the star regrets about the sex change operation

Зианджа вернулась к Борису Апрелю

The star of “the Voice of the country-8” Sianga, which several years ago replaced the floor, always knew how to shock the audience.

No sooner had the fans to get used to the idea that the guy was a woman, as a singer again returned to the image Bori APR.

Once Boris April, member of the Ukrainian show “star Factory”, became famous due to its similarity with the singer Britney Spears. Many were surprised that the guy behaves quite feminine.

But soon the handsome blond man cut your hair and dyed it a dark color, then began to look more masculine.

However, a few years later came the news that Boris April did a sex-change operation, becoming Sunday. With a new red-haired singer of Ukrainian viewers met on “Holos country-8”, and frankly she was sick.

Зианджа вернулась к Борису Апрелю

After the show Sianga started to lead a more active life in social networks, sharing with fans his photos, sometimes quite bold.

Recently, the singer is transgender Sianga starred in a saucy photo shoot. In shots of the singer posing in a revealing top and black leather skirt.

Recently the singer has shared a new cheeky picture in which she looks like herself in the past, when I was a kid. Many fans were interested in, not whether the star regrets about the sex change operation?

Зианджа вернулась к Борису Апрелю

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Sianga showed what she was in childhood. Famous Ukrainian singer is transgender Sianga, formerly known as Boris April, published a new children’s picture Instagram-stories.

In one of the photos Sianga posing with mom, the other brother. Under the photo, the singer admitted that she had Asian roots: father — Kirghiz, mother — Bashkir. The actress also told followers that she was born and raised in the Crimea.

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