Scientists have found that cash register receipts can cause dangerous diseases

Researchers from Sweden found that regular receipts can cause the appearance of diseases, including very dangerous.

Вчені встановили, що касові чеки можуть викликати небезпечні хвороби

Cash registers, as are the checks like there is harmless, but because of the components they contain, can be a real hotbed of infection, and can cause cancer, informs Rus.Media.

90% of checks in its composition contains a bisphenol – a mixture of acetone and phenol. This substance is able to penetrate into human blood and organs.

Despite the fact that the concentration of bisphenol is small, it poses a threat to humans, especially when a person has frequent contact with checks.

Scientists warn that BPA is often a cause of breakdowns pregnancies and diseases babies.

To diseases that can occur due to contact with cheques, can be attributed to dysfunction of the reproductive system, multiple sclerosis, and cancer of the breast and skin.

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