“Rockarolla” Regina Todorenko hit fans with good excess weight

We presenter has changed figure

"Раскоровела": Регина Тодоренко сбила фанатов с толку лишним весом

Recently Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko posted with the rest and for that received a portion of negative comments.

The TV presenter posted on his page in Instagram candid photos from vacation. In the account of the celebrity photo appeared in a striped swimsuit with a pattern, which Regina boasted a deep neckline, but the tummy for some reason decided to hold my hand.

"Раскоровела": Регина Тодоренко сбила фанатов с толку лишним весом

Users immediately began to vigorously discuss weight Todorenko.

“I love the tropics. Here I live well! Even dermatologist prescribed: humid tropical climate. Once I went to the doctor with a question: why do I have dry skin and I’m constantly sheds as iguana. The answer is simple – the climate is not suitable. Have to go to live on the sea! Someday I will make sure, will old grandmother-cute surfer girl who lives in a beautiful Villa in Bali” – written under a photo of Regina.

"Раскоровела": Регина Тодоренко сбила фанатов с толку лишним весом

Fans wrote that leading has changed shape. In particular, users wrote that Todorenko steel big hips. In addition, some assert that celebrity pumped my Tits. And other fans have decided that Regina is pregnant.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of unusual followers in Instagram posts. Rumors about her affair go long, but now celebrities came out of hiding. At this time, the girl showed your sweetheart, singer Vlad Topalov, and tenderly called his “friend for life”.

"Раскоровела": Регина Тодоренко сбила фанатов с толку лишним весом

“My friend @vladtopalovofficial on stage now , and I miss them!!! And you have found a friend for life?” carefully signed the Todorenko. “Lovebirds)))”, “so cute, my God”, “a’Friend for life’sounds nice”, “the way he looks!!”, “You make a great couple, You suit each other”, “Beautiful couple”, “suit each other.May God give you happiness and true love !!!”, – unable to contain his emotions fans.

"Раскоровела": Регина Тодоренко сбила фанатов с толку лишним весом

Also keep in mind that Regina todorenko has offered to splash out on it all the negativity and anger. It is worth noting that this is the second Gensrich that suits the artist.

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