Reinforcement: what kind of food should be taken in a way not to get poisoned

In Soviet times, people had traditionally supported the train the fried chicken – even in summer. And much risk.

Підкріплення: яку їжу потрібно брати в дорогу, щоб не отруїтися

Statistics are silent about how many lovers of chicken-tobacco instead of resting recovering from food poisoning, but such cases surely were many. Now to replace fried chickens came fast food. And in the way the Ukrainians are supported by the chips and crackers, drinking Cola. How is the road menu a better chicken breast? And that ideally, not only without harm, but with benefit to the body’s need to eat on the road?

Foil and nettle

Nutritionists say that the trip is not an excuse to abuse the junk food. And actively protest against roasted chickens in the road, especially in the summer, and against fast food with Cola. They have a claim to this now popular food?

“The glucose derived from cookies, white bread, rolls, sweets, sweet drinks and juices, very quickly enters the bloodstream, says nutritionist Oksana Skitalinskaia. Is “fast” carbohydrates. Entering the body, they create an increased concentration of so-called inflammatory molecules that propagate inflammation throughout the body. And as a result the person feels bad, is beginning to age. This, of course, processes are not tangible, they happen slowly and almost imperceptibly. And, in principle, a person may feel that everything in absolute order. But these processes are”, informs Rus.Media.

To stop them, continues the dietitian, you need to reconsider your menu. Moreover, time travel is no exception. Fortunately, we now have a choice, as harmful products and useful.

What is a healthy set of products for traveling?

Healthy road rations can consist of these products:

• oven baked potatoes in their jackets,

• a piece of bacon without layers of meat (that meat is a breeding ground for microbes, and the fat they do not live),

• a sandwich of whole grain bread with cheese, baby puree, which can be purchased for road sandwiches

• fried homemade cheese cakes that are in the train you need to eat in the first place

• hardboiled egg (boil for at least 10 minutes),

• nuts and seeds (preferably roasted and dried, and without any seasonings and additives), dried fruit, cereal bars,

• bread with bran and crackers,

• fruits and vegetables (only those which have firm flesh and rind, oranges, bananas, grapefruits, apples, cucumbers, radishes,etc.)

• mineral water, juices disposable packaging.

In order to better preserve products intended for food on the road, it is advisable to put them in a bag in the fridge or at least in termosumki. Before you lay out the food, you need to thoroughly wash and wipe dry vegetables and fruits, and then all the rest of the products are Packed separately in foil. The fact that the foil can a little “push” heat. But in any case it is impossible to wrap food in foil, which will create products for the greenhouse effect, because of which they can very quickly deteriorate. But very well affect the safety of products, especially shvidkovskii, nettle leaves, which can impose food. Volatile and formic acid (where the plant is so scorching) do not allow microbes to breed and thereby ensure the safety of road rations.

Burgers, salads and long telomeres

But there is another category of foods that nutritionists do not want to hear. Although it is quite popular and the food is edible, and may even feel that they could Supplement the rations of the road. But no, nutritionists against. Among these products, the salads, especially mayonnaise and sour cream, sausage, first boiled, sausages, boiled eggs, chicken, fish and meat of all kinds, butter, peeled boiled potatoes and other vegetables.

“These are products that in summer the road can be poisoned – says Oksana Skitalinskaia. And, in addition, they cannot be classified as healthy food.”

One who is not abusing harmful food has a chance to be healthier and to live longer. These people, according to nutritionist has a great advantage over others – they have longer telomeres.

“Telomeres are the call sites at the ends of chromosomes that consist of DNA strands and is coated with a protective layer of protein – explains A. Skitalinska. – They resemble plastic “caps” on the tips of shoelaces. When long using these tips to relax and begin to “blossom” their shoes, we throw them and buy new. Much the same happens due to improper nutrition and our telomeres. They become too short, cells cease to divide but to buy new, the laces, we, unfortunately, can’t.”

It turns out, our telomeres are “listening” to us and “obey” the instructions we give them in the form of food, emotions and stress. According to nutritionist, they are markers of rate of aging. Our lifestyle can cause telomeres to speed up the process of aging, or, conversely, to slow down its. After all, one of the secrets to a long and healthy life is to actively stimulate the cell renewal process.

“Now, everyone should know that our telomeres hate sweets and chips and soda and fried foods, and processed meats (salami, sausages), says O. Skitalinska. – So when we after a long day on your feet get on the train, and they are ready to eat a sandwich with white bread and sausage, what there can offer on this purse must be in stock that will stop you from doing so – whole-grain bread, Apple, nuts, dried fruit, and even can be a small capsule with omega-3 fish oil”.

On arrival at the place” (vacation, business trip, trip to relatives) in order to pass food adaptation in the first or even the first few days their menu is desirable to include:

• kefir, yogurt and other dairy products,

• vegetables and fruits rich in pectin and fiber (plums, peaches, apricots, carrots, cabbages, melons, apples,etc.),

• 2-3 liters of drinking water

• dry wine diluted with water in a ratio of 1×1.

Alla Rybalko

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